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very enjoyable

posted by Horuhe17 (CHICAGO, IL) Aug 13, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

this game is perfect or seems like it is if you just barely got a wii console plus the game has a few jokes in it which make it abit more enjoyable

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Inventive, but boring

posted by Plasmawarrior (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Sep 4, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

I played this game because of Sutra 51 releasing Lollipop Chainsaw, however I got a rather boring game that pretty much is a hack-and-slash gone wrong. The whole thing felt kind of like moving my hand for, shall we say, less than respectable things more than it did a video game with the Wiimote. Making matters worse, the game has an anime style in graphics, but a comic book blandness to it.

The voice acting's actually fairly good in this game however, and that's the main reason why it's not rated any lower.

I think if you want a real game from this company, Lollipop Chainsaw maybe a way better bet. On paper No More Heroes would work, but in execution, the better choices are out there.

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Scott Pilgrim meets Kill Bill

posted by MichaelO (PITTSBURGH, PA) Jun 4, 2012

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Member since Sep 2010

It's tough to capture No More Heroes in a single blurb since it's full of good and bad elements. So let me break it down.

Style: (10/10) No More Heroes has the campy, video-gamey feel of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World coupled with the excessive, almost cartoonish, over-the-top bloodshed of Kill Bill. It may sound odd, but it gives the game a unique feel that makes it a fun world to play in. Add to this the fact that the main character is not only a psycho assassin, but also a hipster whose interests include anime, professional wrestling, and adult videos, and you've got quite an interesting game.

Gameplay (Main Missions): (9/10) The main battles, in which you fight your way through a bunch of henchmen until you reach a quirky boss battle, are quality beat-em-up action (think God of War). You've got a sword for direct attacks, and also the ability to do punches and kicks which can be comboed into pro wrestling moves. The controls are intuitive, the challenge level is good, and it's basically just a fun game.

Gameplay (Side Missions): (4/10) Unfortunately, between missions, the game has delusions of being Grand Theft Auto. You ride your motorcycle around town GTA-style and take lame, tedious side quests to earn money. This part of game is full of glitches, poor design, and confusion. It is just poorly done. The game would have been much better if they had stuck with their strength.

Plot: (2/10) Yikes, I don't know what to say about the plot. It makes absolutely no sense, and it makes less and less sense as the game goes on. If you start thinking about it, no one's motivations are clear, key expository elements are not even revealed until the ending (if at all), and the whole thing is just a mess. They would have been well-served to simplify the plot and take out all the stuff that makes no sense.

Overall: A beam-em-up game lives and dies based on how fun it is to play. This game is definitely fun to play, in spite of its flaws. Rent it.

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