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A Wii Gamer MUST HAVE!

posted by JediAngell (GREENSBORO, NC) Jan 27, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

Ok if you want to see every beed of sweat roll off your hero's face, go play your 360 or PS3, but if you wanna play a FUN game with a creative use of the Wii's graphic capabilties in the most stylistic, anime inspired look EVER; RENT, BUY, or misappropreate (just kidding) NO MORE HEROES!
I totally get it. Its not that the Wii isn't capable of more "realistic" looking graphics (take metroid prime 3), but that's not the look the developers where going for. That's not where the Wii shines best. The controls are intuitive and the gameplay is fun. It has a since of humor about itself and is as much fun as I have ever had right out of the case for a Wii game. If you are lookng for a real world simulation and ground breaking sandbox game play this isnt for you. If however you have an open mind to stylistic use of Wii processing power and fun creative gameplay with over the top satire, blood and violence, YOU AINT GONNA FIND ANY BETTER than No More Heroes.

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Great Game

posted by ecase629 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jan 27, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

I've only played the game for 2 days now, but it stands out already as one of the best for the wii. Stunning graphics, awesome action and a great story line, No More Heroes will leave you wanting more.
The game starts out with action, pushing you right into the enemy. The controls are more button based than motion control, but gives you just enough motion to make you feel like you're doing some of the wrestling moves. You'll mainly slice guys in half, but when you do the wrestling moves it will change up camera angles sort of like Manhunt.
Once you're finished with the first main action area, you'll dive into the sandbox side of the game.
This side of the game isn't quite as enjoyable and the graphics seem to get worse outside of action missions, kinda weird. For example, the high school gym looks really good for wii standards in the 8th assassin's mission, but the grass looks horrible in the lawn mowing missions (it's flat sprites). Also, the sandbox side of the game is quite empty with not many buildings to enter. Although, I do realize it only serves as a way to get from assassin to assassin, making it pretty cool.
I really enjoyed to details of No More Heroes. Playing with his cat, changing your clothes and all the cool retro style pointers and screens. Even saving your game is done by using the toilet! If you like good action games and have been looking for a really good title on the wii, then look no further.

- 1 for no online play

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by jd1234 (ROCHESTER, NY) Jan 27, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

Okay, I am not the kind of person that really focuses on how amazing the graphics are in a game because I own a Wii not a PS3 but this game has graphics circa 1980... I felt like I was playing a nes game... Don't even bother trying it.

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