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A big, bleeding, pixelated heart.

posted by skald9 (ADA, OK) Feb 2, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

The vibe that one gets from playing No More Heroes is a bit of the new with a lot of the old.The game's presentation is definitely very modern with a nice touch of retro flare. Your life meter is composed of a large, pixelated heart as is your map, pause screen and the large flashing icons that mark places of interest. The controls are very basic and make, surprisingly, great use of the Wii-mote. At first you'll want to flail your arms about but after awhile you'll get used to using the A button to attack and remembering to hold the Wii-mote high or low to move into the respective high/low stances. The motion controls are solely used to finish of enemies swinging the Wii-mote to initiate a brutally bloody decapitation of your enemy. There are also wrestling moves such as the suplex and are implemented by moving the Wii-mote in a variety of different directions for each different move.

The story of No More Heroes itself is pretty basic stuff but is very fun to say the least. You are Travis Touchdown, a 20 something slacker with a beam-saber who has been involuntarily goaded into fighting in the Assassins League which pits him up against 10 of the craziest and most memorable characters you will ever find in a game. The characters in this game really bring it to life and you'll actually find yourself chuckling from time to time.

In the end I would say that No More Heroes is definitely a good game but one that may appeal to only a select number of people. The over the top characters, violence and old-school homage might put some off of the game not to mention the shortness of the game itself. However, this is a game that pays homage to those games that came before it in a very meaningful way that every gamer with a soft spot for old-school style games will undoubtedly respect. If ever there was a game with heart, this one is it, a big, bleeding, pixelated heart.

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Very Good

The Garden of Madness

posted by zMDude (SOUTHFIELD, MI) Jan 31, 2008

Member since Dec 2003

The first great game of '08 is here. It's name: No More Heroes.

Travis Touchdown is a nerd-cool anime otaku who lives out of the No More Heroes motel in Santa Destroy, California. One day he realizes that he's flat broke, and decides to become an assassin for a living. Meeting with a mysterious girl, Slyvia, he fights to become the number one assassin, and to get Slyvia in bed.

To do this, he's going to have to cut through a lot of people with his beam sword (think: lightsaber, but not copyrighted by Lucas). The meat of the game is a beat em up, hack and slash that relies on the Wiimote and Nunchuck to do the killing. Most of your fighting is done with the A button, but when it comes time to finish your enemies off, you'll have to slash with your remote like a real sword. It's not necessarily deep, but the blocking, dodging, different stances and special moves keep you on your toes at all times. Nothing is more satisfying than waving your hand and watching eight people's heads fly off in a beautifully bloody display.

Once you get through the chaff, you'll face against one of the ten (or more? hmm) Assassin's in the game. These characters are the highlight of the game, as they are each so uniquely wierd and off kilter that every one will leave and impression on you. You'll fight school girls, superheroes, sharpshooters, twisted barbie girls and more.

Between the missions, you have an open world game in which to do side jobs, upgrade your character and customize your clothes, but its no GTA by a long shot. You'll find yourself wanting to get through the bland world just to get to your next hit, but the crazy style of the game will be what keeps your going. You'll wonder what will come next in a world that slips between the cartoony and the ultra violent so effortlessly, mixing serious moments with the outright goofy. The best part is, you'll almost always be surprised by what comes next.

If you have a Wii, you've no excuse to not try it.

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A Wii Gamer MUST HAVE!

posted by JediAngell (GREENSBORO, NC) Jan 27, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

Ok if you want to see every beed of sweat roll off your hero's face, go play your 360 or PS3, but if you wanna play a FUN game with a creative use of the Wii's graphic capabilties in the most stylistic, anime inspired look EVER; RENT, BUY, or misappropreate (just kidding) NO MORE HEROES!
I totally get it. Its not that the Wii isn't capable of more "realistic" looking graphics (take metroid prime 3), but that's not the look the developers where going for. That's not where the Wii shines best. The controls are intuitive and the gameplay is fun. It has a since of humor about itself and is as much fun as I have ever had right out of the case for a Wii game. If you are lookng for a real world simulation and ground breaking sandbox game play this isnt for you. If however you have an open mind to stylistic use of Wii processing power and fun creative gameplay with over the top satire, blood and violence, YOU AINT GONNA FIND ANY BETTER than No More Heroes.

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