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Bad Game

posted by Constipator (TORRANCE, CA) Feb 17, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

I played this game and saw it the whole way through because I like to be on page for the sequels. The game was suggested to me by a friend especially because of the art style, but playing through it there isn't really much to it.

First off the graphics are pretty weak, they resemble something you might of played on N64 or playstation. They reuse one music track everywhere you go like beefhead video or the gym. The concept of the game doesn't make sense a lot of the time because you're told you can't challenge a higher rank person unless your rank is directly below theirs. However, it seems npc's in the game seem to challenge each other and one of them kills your ranked opponent.

Another annoying thing is how bad the controls are for the bike, I detest using the bike so much I'd rather just sprint everywhere. Some of the werse parts of the game is where you have to use the wii remote to jump when you're driving the bike. The game has a cartoonish amount of gore, as if it were a Quentin Tarantino flick.

There are certain mini missions where you do wrestling matches and this feature is simply awful, some of the targets NEVER block so it makes it just about impossible to do most of the time. The locking system is also terrible because it will only lock onto the nearest target and you have to hold the button in order to lock onto that character, also you are unable to roll if you are not locked onto that target(they fixed that in the 2nd).

Pretty much what you do in every melee boss fight is do a slash combo until the target starts blocking you, roll back, and then slash them back. Rinse and repeat, thats all there is to it. The gamestyle is kind of like grand theft auto except GTA is actually pretty fun. I don't like how they tried to tie loose ends at the end and tried to include a plethora of plot twists.

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no more heroes

posted by ADamnFool (VICTORVILLE, CA) Dec 16, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

this is my first game to order on gamefly and i get a dud cd, the game will not play on my Wii, i order black ops but got heroes, is this the beginning of the end, this is a bad start of what is (i though) suppose to be a great deal, i hope this don't turn into a bad nitemare. OK ?GameFly the ball is in your court, what happens next.

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No More...Please. No More!

posted by GoGonzo (FLUSHING, NY) May 30, 2010

Member since May 2009

That's what they should've called this game. I agree we need more Mature games on the Wii but this is pretty far from a quality game experience. In fact it's probably the worst game I've played on the machine so far.

I want mature games on the Wii too but instead of this slop Nintendo should invest some of those piles of money and pay Rockstar to make an exclusive GTA or get Bethesda to make an exclusive Fallout(or TES). What about a Modern Warfare game? Those are the games this console needs.

Here are some pros and cons... mostly cons.
-Interesting art style if you like the cell shaded sort of thing.
-Getting phone calls on the wiimote:mind you it only happens before a boss battle.
-one or two bosses

-The bland sandbox: my cat's is more interesting.
-The bike you drive around in it.
-The other moving things in the sandbox: lobotomy patients and papercraft cars.
-The repetitive combat: pump A and swing.
-The worst minigames on the Wii, and that's saying something: mowing the lawn and pumping gas?
-Quick Time Events
-Most bosses are repetitive QTE spewing patern-grinds. One is even just a cutscene.
-Most boss levels are just grinding through identical grunts and make no use of the open world. One is just a straight plain corridor.

There are a few games that aren't even worth renting. And unless you're a 13 year old otaku, this is one of them.

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