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You Otaku!

posted by Reinhart (TOLEDO, OH) Apr 4, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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Do you like anime culture?

Do you like killins'?

Do you like digital female assets?

Then you'll love No More Heroes. This latest offering from the creator of Killer 7 is a rather unique, rather amusing game that never really goes anywhere.

I spent half the game trying to figure out a solid motivation for the protagonist, Travis Touchdown, to be going about killing hundreds of talentless underlings and their often interesting masters. The motivation I came up for his actions? A woman and a lust to be the best. Travis from his style to his wit and stubborn coolness are everything any real life otaku wishes they were.

Basically the game boils down to going from mission to mission and clawing your way up the ranks of the UAA (An assassin's guild.) by killing whoever holds the rank above you.

The missions and boss battles are always interesting and fun and they are what will keep you playing this game, that and nothing else. Between missions you have to do extremely boring side missions and odd jobs to pay the entry fee for the next ranked fight. These jobs range from killing to rounding up cats to collecting coconuts. Other than that, you can work out at a gym owned by a hilariously odd ex-wrestler (The gamefly censor system won't let me say why), buy videos and visit a scientist who makes new beam katanas and apparently hates you. There is also a collect fest in the form of delivering "Lovikov Balls" to a drunk Russian of the same name.

The combat is very repetitive (Slash, slash wave the Wiimote in an indicated direction, watch clouds of blood and limbs fly everywhere, repeat.) and I found that I almost exclusively used my beam katana; almost never did I utilize the arsenal of wrestling moves at Travis' disposal. That said, the combat is giggle inducing, over-the-top and fun.

The unique personality, style and music of this title will either make you love it or hate it. Because combat alone does not a game make. So, if you're open to a bit of quirk, pick it

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punks not dead

posted by kottonmouf (BARTLETT, IL) Jan 29, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

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well...actually it is. and mtv killed it. but its spirit lives on thru this bum named travis touchdown.
third party games on the wii come in two forms: either games that try to use the wiimote in "innovative" ways and fail miserably with terrible controls or a collection of mini games. thankfully, this game is neither. no more heroes is, without question, the best third party game on wii. it focuses more on actually playing than trying to get the wii remote to do weird and pointless things. other than a few mini games the only remote usage is saved for wrestling moves and finishers. it really keeps the game fun without feeling like a gimmick. combat is very fun and smooth, since thats what you'll spend most of your time doing. theres just something fun about pulling off a finisher and decapitating 10+ enemies with one mighty swing. enemies split in half and blood sprays all over the place, anime style. even tho you're basically using a lightsaber (or a beam katana as they call it) that you bought off the internet. theres still upgrades and different types of swords, including one with five blades, awesomeness.
youre not in this for fame, money, honor or any of those other motives heroes use, no, travis is just doing this to get some booty. the point of the game is to get enough money thru (very) odd jobs and assassination gigs to fight the next assassin above you and take his place. these guys are all very unique in their insanity, the boss battles are the highlight of the game.
everything in this game has its own twisted style. the story line is excellent. the combats great. the graphics are amazing with a combination of modern and retro, travis himself still plays N64.
there was one gripe, some of the levels are a little boring. letz shake's (yeah, thats really his name) level is one straight line. there aren't even any turns. and its long.
anyone who's looking for a great non-nintendo game definatley needs to pick this one up.

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Above Average

Great but not for me

posted by lancelot (MIDDLETOWN, CT) Feb 21, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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I understand why everyone is so impressed with this game. This game is original and clever in almost every aspect. The game play is interesting and intuitive the music is acceptable and the premise is totally unique. The directors stamp is all over this game evident in its many quirky little tid-bits. This being said I sent this game back after playing it for twenty minutes. The game just wasn't fun for me. I think most will enjoy this game but some(like me) will not really buy into the hype and quirky game play. Most of the game felt very repetitive to me and I just didn't care about getting past the first boss. I felt like I was just button mashing and not really immersed in a good video game experience

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