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Just a lousy port

posted by Seraph926 (ROCHESTER, NY) Sep 25, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

How exactly are the button controls worse than the motion controls? The controls are laughably unresponsive and needlessly complicated (R2+square to attack a downed opponent? You just hit A in the original! And why should I have to click R3 before a deathblow if I could just tilt the stick?) Not only that, it removes the simple but satisfying QTEs that finished off bosses, and believe me, that makes a surprisingly large difference. On top of that, flaws that were caused by the limitations of the Wii have no excuse to be in this port.

Liked the original, LOVE the sequel, just can't recommend this.

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Urgent!! please read.

posted by kingkong1986 (HACKETTSTOWN, NJ) Sep 20, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PLAYSTATION MOVE OR A DUAL SHOCK 3 CONTROLLER, THIS GAME WILL NOT WORK. I kept getting a message that read something like, Please plug in move controller or wireless sixasis controller. After about and hour of trying to figure it out, I finally read an what the problem was. By this time, i was extremely angry and played for 20 minutes. The game was not good. This is more of a warning than a review. The game may be awsome, but if you don't have the right controller, you will never know.

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fun and you don't have to play the hard parts

posted by 999love (HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) Jun 23, 2012

Member since Oct 2006

this game gets to the fun part quick. is creative short and sweet. if they made more of these I would rent every one. and your arms get a workout.

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