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This bike needs more time in the shop.

posted by zMDude (SOUTHFIELD, MI) Jan 29, 2008

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Liberal use of nitrous and Off-Roading? All Check. If the name of this game were Excitebike instead of Nitrobike, it'd be hard to believe both games weren't made by Monster Games.

That should come as little surprise, considering the developers of Nitrobike, Left Field, were the same people who made Excitebike 64. It's just too bad that the team has failed to evolve their designs beyond the N64's time, creating a game with a competent core, but too many flaws to overlook.

The first thing you will notice upon starting your first race are the graphics. I'd say that it looks like a Dreamcast game, but that would be insulting to Sega. That this game does not run at 30fps with such disappointing looks is laughable.

The game has a decent championship, in which you compete in various racing cups with events like eliminators, hoops runs, trick attacks and fast laps. Doing well at these allow you to run a series of races for the ability to move on to the next cup. Getting first place in the events gives you new bikes, upgrades to your bikes and more riders(that all look like a bunch of rejected SSX designs) to choose from.

But the part that matters is the gameplay. The Wii-mote is simply not made to support precise steering like a thumb stick or a real steering wheel controller. Add this to the bike's slippery controls and you'll be spending most of your races trying to keep your bike going where you want it to. This will lead to more frustration than fun, especially during the hoop havoc or trick attack modes, which demand perfection from tools incapable of it.

Also, the tracks, while more interesting than Excitetruck, are poorly made. Often you will fly off the track, or smash into something because you flew too high; punishing you for getting big air.

There is an online mode that I would love to have an opinion of, but since nobody is ever on, it's just wasted space.

Stay away from this game.

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posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Jan 22, 2008

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After reading the review that said "bad graphics" I was concerned because I already rented it and it comes tommorow.

I rented it because Excite Truck is getting boring after a year. The graphics are bland but not terrible; however it does make the replay value low.

I also agree to the second reviewer in how they decided to make you unlock other tracks along with not many riders and the bikes being identical.

On the other hand the controls are tight and the music is not as wild as Excite Truck. I would still wait for MX vs ATV Untamed but this is not as bad as the others make it out to be; so still rent it.

I hope Excite Truck 2 will include Motocross Bikes nad ATV's with online play.

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Really Bad

About as entertaining as watching a rock evolve

posted by pkessler (LOUISVILLE, OH) Jan 22, 2008

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Everything about this game is terrible. The graphics are terrible, the controls are medicore and not customizable. Playing online? Forget about it, no one else is. This game will give you about as much entertainment as a rock thats sunbathing. You can only choose from about 4 different people and bikes, and you have to play in career mode to unlock more than 1 track, otherwise you can only race one track in exhibition. LAME LAME LAME. This game is LAME. Don't rent it, or buy it, don't even sacrifice it to a higher being. It's not worth it. I hope Ubisoft buries this game in their extremely large archive of terrible games.

This game gets a 2 out of 10 for sucking.

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