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Nintendogs: Entertaining or Boring

posted by Chihuahua (COLTON, NY) Mar 2, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Some say Nintendogs gets boring fast. Others say it can provide endless entertainment with so much to do. This review will hopefully help you decide:is Nintendogs entertaining or boring?


Most people I talk to about Nintendogs say "they LOVE the game!" or "I wish I had Nintendogs.", but are they playing the game all the time or do they just want it because they listen to these people? Well, there are millions of reasons why you might love Nintendogs. To start off, the game's graphics are amazing, you'd actually think the dogs are real! The noises the dogs make sound like your own dog is standing beside you! There are competitions and walks to go on, food,water, and baths to give, and trainer points to get. The trainer points add challenge to such a fuzzy game. Without trainer points there are no extra dogs. To conclude this section, I have one thing to say... This is what makes Nintendogs so fun, but what makes it boring?

For all the reasons above Nintendogs is entertaining, but for all the reasons below it's boring. To start, you can only enter 3 contests a day, teach 3 tricks, and only go for walks every 30 minutes. Feeding and watering constantly gets annoying and you always worry about your dogs coat. Dogs are very expensive unless you have good contest dogs and most dogs are afraid of sticks. WOW, that's a lot of things and I have more. You need to walk to the discount stores, gym, and parks. The barking gives you a headache and the music gives you a worse one. Worst of all Nintendogs becomes what you think, dream, and talk about... OK maybe not.

The Verdict:
We've dicussed good and bad things about Nintendogs and the jury has returned. I agree with many people that Nintendogs is entertaining, BUT if you play 24/7 it becomes boring OR you become a human/dog. For all those people who have not tried Nintendogs yet, I think you should. I hope this review halped you decide this question: is Nintendogs entertaning or boring?

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nintendogs lab and friends

posted by truebuster (FALL RIVER, MA) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

The game is good to whom ever loves dogs. You can choose from a variety of cool dogs. You can play in contests to get money to buy new dogs. When you call their name they respond to you. There is a lot more cool things about nintendogs lab and friends. But these are just some of them.

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WHY IN THE........

posted by wordwithin (MCHENRY, MD) Jul 11, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

I got this game and then I wondered when I would ever really play it. It's just sitting there on my shelf only having been played for less then an hour. Why? Because I have a real dog that I can play with in person, and let me tell you, dogs encoded by data don't come out the same. I mean it's a good game, there's many things you can do with your electronic dog, but you can't smell it's dampen fur right after it comes out of the rain(mabey you really don't want to, I wouldn't be surprised though if you did.)

Another thing that weakens the experience are the voice commands you give to your "data" dog. Sometimes, I mean a lot of times, you are forced to use voice commands to have your dog do tricks, heed, or whatever. It can be difficult to respond in the same tone for every different command you want your dog to perform, to actually have it work properly. Like say you were teaching it to sit and you forgot how you said it in the first place, with that certain tone. If you said it in a high pitched voice earlier, when teaching your pup, and you used a deeper voice later, the dog wouldn't do a thing. It can get preaty confusing as your command list can get preaty long and complex.

So, if your not good on memorizing long lists, and your own common tones of voice, then Nintendogs is not for you.

And if you already have a dog, why bother? Learn from my mistake, fellow dog-owners.

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