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Cute Puppies Galore !!

posted by Tomboy99 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Dec 30, 2008

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Well, I cant afford a real dog (wish I could), so I tried this. I love it! The puppies are so realistic and adorable.

This game is perfect for all ages! So, I say to parents: nothing to worry about here!

In this game, you must care for the puppies just like a real one (except for vet visits). You must feed them, give them water, and let them sleep at night. You can buy all types of toys to play with them and take the puppies on walks (clean up its messes).
You can train your puppy to compete in Agility, Disc Competitions, and Obeidience Trials. You win money in these to buy new puppies or items.
On walks you meet other dogs and find new items (collars, toys, ribbons, etc).
You can also play wireless with a friend.

For anyone that likes dogs and cannot afford a real one, I recommend this game!

There are only two things i dislike here:
1. I get accused of leaving my puppies' messes behind when I do clean them up.
2. One dog-walker calls me a name. I understand its only a game, but I dont think its a good idea to teach kids to call people names.

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Cute, fun, what's not to like?

posted by Evanator (NORTHRIDGE, CA) Apr 29, 2008

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Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends is a game where you raise your very own dog on the Nintendo DS. Many breeds of dog are available, so there's a lot to choose from. You can take your dog for a walk, where you can train for contests (dog park) or get new items (question marks). You can adopt any breed, and even unlock some more. You can pet your dog with the stylus and tell commands using the microphone. You can play fetch, frisbee, etc. with the supplies button, and also feed your dog. You know when your dog is hungry on the main menu, where if you touch a certain dog's question mark, it tells you its breed, its name, how clean it is, how hungry and/or thirsty it is, etc. I highly recommend this if you do not have a dog and are wishing to have some fun with one. So if you have a Nintendo DS, run over to Toys R Us or WalMart or Target or whatever and buy this game! It is sure to be fun even if you have a real dog. You just can't resist the wagging tails and cute faces of the lifelike Nintendogs. Don't trust me? Rent it here, and you'll know what I mean.

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Hmmmmm, Nintendogss...

posted by Sammmmieee (EASTLAKE, OH) Oct 8, 2008

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okay so its a really fun game!!! i love it. i rate it a ten because its fun. but if your like me and dont like challenging games then its much harder. its easy to manage your dogs but the thing is that you have to teach them tricks and i dont know. i just like more simple straight to the point games. this game never ends. there is no way to beat the game. so its hard to get bored of. and also i like it because there are alot of things that you can unlock and that come new. its really a fun game. and if you are thinking about buying it then go for it its great.


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