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OH, Chihuahua

posted by Pyrospazz (BROOKFIELD, MA) Mar 19, 2010

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This was my first game for my DS. It's been years since I acquired the game and I still think it's excellent. The graphics are very impressive. The dogs have their own distinct personalities. It's funny to see how they react to each other.

The interaction is quite admirable. You train your dogs, (You can have up to 8) to listen to your voice. For example, bring your dog over to you and guide it into a sitting position. When it does it, tell it the command "Sit." eventually, it will learn the trick and do it whenever you tell it to. But make sure you keep up with training (Just like real dogs, they may forget.) You also want to keep your dog in shape, so bring it to the park, on walks, and to the gym often. The more you train at the gym, the better they perform in agility contests (Yup, they have those. Also obedience, and Frisbee contests) By the way, how your dog ranks in the competitions affects how much moneys you get.

You can buy a variety of toys and foods. And if you're really loaded, you can redecorate your house. (My doggies live at the beach for $50,000)

Make sure you keep your doggies clean! They hate being dirty! Daily bathies and brushing are necessary!

Oh, yes, there are a few special features. One is the dog hotel. if you're busy and don't have time to take care of multiple doggies that day, you can send all but one to the hotel and they'll kindly care for your doggies. Another special feature is 'bark mode.' If you have a friend with a Nintendogs game, you can each send one of your dogs over to the other person's DS. You can even have your dog bring a present to your friend.

It seemed like some people are confused about renting this game used. You CAN delete data in this game. Turn on the DS and select the game, while it's loading, but before you see your beloved doggies, hold L, R, A, B, X, and Y. A menu should show up asking if you want to delete user data.

Well that should just about do it. If you like dogs, go for it. It's a great game.

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Nintendo dogs

posted by jacjac (LABELLE, FL) Jun 1, 2012

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After reading the other reviews thought this would be a great game....maybe our version was broken, but we could not get the dog to do anything!

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Bark Bark Bark

posted by dwmacfar2 (ELLICOTT CITY, MD) May 27, 2006

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This is a great game. In this version of the game there are Chihuahuas, Yorkes, German Sheppard, and more. Also, if you friend has another version, and you meet him on multiplayer (Bark Mode, lol.) you can then buy that dog. For instance, I own this version and my friend owns lab and friends, so he can buy a yorkey and I can buy a lab ( I know because I bought a really cute lab). Then the contests are fun, my favorite is the agility one. The graphics are great, the dog looks real. You can take your dog on a walk. You can take him to the park, a clearance store, and the gym to practice for agility tests. At the park there are sometimes more than one dog to play with beside yours. At the park you can just play with the dogs or you can throw the tennis ball/frisbee around. If you throw the frisbee it will let you practice for the frisbee competition. You can teach your dog a bunch of tricks like sit, beg, lay down, and many more. Then you can go in a trick compition. You still have to feed your dog and you have to give it water. Even though I have been saying him a lot there are girl dogs too. Then you can accessories with bows and collars. Then you have to wash your dogs. You get to name it. Then you might find presents or dogs or some suprise on your walk. So so much to do. The way you train your dog by the way is you will tell him the command when the dog is doing it, click the lightbulb in the right hand corner, and say the name of the commanded in the mic as clearly as possible. These are all the possibilites in the game, these are also the reasons why I like the game so very very much.

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