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Don't let it's cute factor mislead you!

posted by SonicTonic (SALINAS, CA) Nov 23, 2008

Member since Oct 2005

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Let me start off by saying I only write reviews for things I feel pretty strongly about. Since this game had no reviews yet and I absolutely love this game, I had to sit down and let people know. Also, I never give a 10 when rating something unless it's exceptional and I believe this game really is. The developer did a fantastic job on this game.

Yes, it's adorable and cute and it's NINJAS so how can you go wrong? Beyond that though, the pace is just right, challenge is not too easy but not too hard. I decided to "keep it" from GameFly after about 10% through, and now I am about 30% through and still loving every minute of this game. You start out with only a couple of ninja types and abilities, but every new level brings new items and things to use for your ninja battles. It's really fun.

You don't actually fight as the ninjas, but you set up what's called "ninja huts" and basically strategize what types of ninjas to use and where to place them for the waves of battles that come in to each territory. Like I said, the pace at which this happens is perfect and just plain fun. I also like that I can pickup the game and play through a level in about 5-15 minutes (the levels are getting progressively harder) but the game is so easy to pick up and play the experience is just great. Also, the writing is entertaining, cute and funny, in between the stages when the ninjas in the story mode converse. You don't have to sit through this for more than a minute or two and it's actually very well written and pretty funny sometimes. Also, if you want to re-do a stage to improve your grade, you can skip past the story part just by pressing start. Clearly the developer wants us to have a great time with this game with zero stress. Just fun.

Hardcore gamer or casual, if you like strategy and you like ninjas, you must get this game. I highly recommend it.

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Silly Fun

posted by Moodys13 (LEXINGTON, SC) Jan 13, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

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I loved this game. I had it for three days - then I beat it. It was pretty addictive - and it's all about strategy. If your plan doesn't work the first time - revamp it when you re-attempt the level. I highly recommend this game. I was concerned it may be more geared to kids - and older kids would probably dig it - but as you get to the last levels - you really have to strategize. I know we all of different styles of games we prefer - but I would totally give this one a shot. It's a nice change of pace.

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Very Good

Adorable Strategy

posted by IamTIL (PALM SPRINGS, CA) Jan 31, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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More than anything else, Ninjatown is cute. With characters like Ol' Master Ninja, Consultant Ninja, Baby Ninjas and Ninja Droppings, how could it be anything else? The denizens of the game are based on the equally cute Shawnimals toys, and they're ready for action on the Nintendo DS.

At its core, Ninjatown is a strategy game. Mr. Demon and his minions, the Wee Devils, are attempting an invasion of Ninjatown. What do they want? Ninjatown's recipe for the world-famous ninja cookies, of course. You, Ol' Master Ninja, and his troops, must keep the invasion at bay. You decide where to build ninja huts which will deploy various types of ninjas to fight off Wee Devils.

There are different types of ninja huts you may build, spending from your bank of ninja cookies to do so. Different types of huts produce different types of ninjas. Some are faster, but do lower damage, some slower, but pack more of a punch, etc.

As you play through the levels, you have increasing choices of what to use, including some tricks from Ol' Master Ninja himself. Baby Ninjas deploy floating on tiny clouds. They emit waves of hearts that slow down opponents. Ninja Droppings have the same effect, but by virtue of their horrible stench. It bothered me a little bit that the Ninja Droppings had faces.

As you work your way through the maps and levels, your building and deployment strategies must become more and more sophisticated to beat the ever-growing and changing hoards of Wee Devils.

If you are not a fan of strategy games, you will not like this game. I myself am not much of a strategist, and I found the game somewhat repetitive. However, I can see how it would be great fun for someone better at planning than I am.

Objectively, for its super-cute graphics, hilarious bad-movie scripting, and a good strategy base, I give Ninjatown an 8 out of 10.

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