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Ninja Gaiden

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Gameplay Controls


Directional Pad Select menu item
Left Thumbstick Select menu item
B Button Return
X Button Confirm
Left Trigger Turn page
Right Trigger Turn page
Start Pause/exit

Left Thumbstick After choosing the desired location from the location list, choose the map you wish to view using up and down on the Left Thumbstick. Pressing the X button will then allow you to manipulate the maps. Scrolls the map in 4 directions.
Left Trigger Zoom Out
Right Trigger Zoom In

Left Thumbstick Movement (pressure sensitive: lean it slightly to walk and fully to run). Attack command input. Precision aiming (bow and arrow).
Right Thumbstick First person view mode
A Button Jump/Move forward underwater
B Button Use projectile weapon
X Button Attack/action/interact/confirm selections
Y Button Strong attack (Charge Attacks, Special Attacks, Combo Finishers, etc...). Y + B Buttons = Use Ninpo magic attacks.
White Button Display Karma gauge
Black Button Display map
Left Trigger Block
Right Trigger Center camera behind player
Start Pause

Wall Running: Run on walls by jumping diagonally towards a wall and continuing to hold down the Left Thumbstick. By jumping straight at walls, you can run right up them.

Wall Running Jump: Jump in the middle of a wall run.

Flying Bird Jump: Jump while running straight up a wall. Of course you must perfect these techniques to open up new paths.

Wall Clinging: When jumping on a wall, release the Left Thumbstick right after impact on the wall to perform a wall cling for a short time. You can also jump from a wall cling.

Horizontal Jump: Jumping from a horizontally-facing wall cling allows for unexpected directional shifts and is one of the most extreme wall-jumping techniques. It may provide possibilities to break through tough situations.

Swinging: Jump forward strongly in front of poles and branches to swing on them. While swinging, press the A Button to jump off, making use of your momentum.

Reverse Wind Technique:Leaning the Left Thumbstick in the desired direction while blocking with the Left Trigger performs the Reverse Wind rolling manuever. Use it to dodge enemy attacks and circle around them.

Wind Run Technique: Pressing the X Button and A Button simultaneously allows you to perform the Wind Run, a jump that homes in on the nearest enemy.

Swimming: Use the Left Thumbstick to point yourself in the desired direction and press the A Button to swim. While swimming, keep an eye on the Breath Gauge to keep from drowning. Everything is different underwater. Be prepared.

Running on Water: When stepping off of land onto water, press the A Button rapidly. A Ninja should have no problems running across water.

Bow and Arrow (Precision Aiming): Hold down the B Button to draw the bow and then lean the Left Thumbstick to eneter the 1st person precision aiming mode. Use the Left Thumbstick to aim the arrow and release the B Button to shoot. In this view, you can zoom in up to 2 steps using the Right Trigger to assist in accurate aiming.

Left Thumbstick Lean left or right to move left or right. Leaning the Left Thumbstick down and pressing the A Button allows you to drop down.
A Button If there is stable ground above press the A Button to pull yourself up.

Hanging after running up walls: If there is a handhold after running up a wall you can hang on the edge.

Hanging after a jump: If there is a handhold such as a rail or bar, you can hang by jumping and clinging onto it.

Hanging after running: When running near a ledge you will often be able to hang instead of running off.


Map Screen:

Yellow Doors: Unexplored doors
Blue Doors: Doors that will open
Red Doors: Doors that will not open yet

The Secrets of Ninpo:

"Ninpo is one of the most destructive attacks that Ninja have at their disposal. The techniques for using them are written on old scrolls.

After finding a scroll equip it using the Ninpo Screen in the Pause Menu.

The power of Ninpo can be increased by using an item called the Jewel of the Demon Seal.

Using Ninpo attacks depletes your Ki power, but do not hesitate to utilize them in difficult situations."

The Art of the Inferno
A Technique that allows you to control fire at will, first enveloping yourself in flame and then shooting a fireball out in front of you. This technique is particularly effective when attacking enemies in front of you...

The Art of the Ice Storm
A technique that allows you to quickly change the atmosphere around yourself, creating a whirlwind containing sharp shards of ice; it traps surrounding enemies in an ice storm.

The Art of the Inazuma
A technique that allows Ryu to amplify his internal bioelectric current and blast it out to the surrounding area; this technique allows you to attack all surrounding enemies within a certain distance.

Advanced Weapon Attack Techniques:

"These are the most important, most essential techniques available to us. However, I cannot tell you everything. I can instruct you only enough to get you started."

Wall-based Attacks
Of course you can attacks while performing wall-based actions; the damage potential is also extreme. You cannot be called a true Ninja if you cannot use the walls properly.

Ultimate Techniques
After defeating enemies, Essence is released into the air, where it floats. If you press the Y Button and hold it in these situations, your weapon will absorb nearby Essence and become charged with power until it is ready to explode. That is when you should release the Y Button. The pent-up energy of the Essence lends an unfathomable strength to your attack.

Ultimate Techniques for each weapon are different. Also, you must not forget that enemies defeated by an Ultimate Technique release more Essence than usual. Ultimate Techniques are like breeder reactors for Essence; that is the whole point.

Yellow Essence
A secretly used currency. Necessary to buy items or upgrade weapons. A must-have when going to the Weapons and Tools Shop.

Blue Essence
Replenishes some of Ryu's health.

Red Essence
Replenishes some of Ryu's Ki power.


Hand-to-hand and projectile weapons can be used simultaneously. Learning how to combine them is key to surviving!

Attacks from the wall do can do a lot of damage. Aerial combat demonstrates your true ninja skill.

You can throw a shuriken at any time. Use them to slow down your enemies.

Know when to attack, and when to defend

If you see blue coloring in a certain part of a level, make sure you explore it completely.

Learn to fully implement the Wind Run homing jump (X + A). It is very useful, and can be combined with a normal jump when you need it.

Make an effort to pull off combos. The longer the combo, the more Essence you get from the combat.

Make sure to use your Ultimate Techniques. They are mega-powerful!