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Truly One Of the Best Action/Adventure Games Ever

posted by Victor (CASTROVILLE, CA) Sep 2, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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Ninja Gaiden is the best Action/Adventure game for this generation of consoles. The gameplay is truly out of this world, with action that brings a new standard for games to fallow. The fighting mechanic is just perfect, and with a great amount of weapons you can really make it shine. But don't think that this game is a walk in the park, to became a Ninja you will need good reflexes and nerves of steel. Moving to the hardware section the graphics really show what the Xbox is capable off, because Ninja Gaiden easily has one of the best graphics engine of this generation of consoles. The game runs in a very good frame rate considering it's an Action/Adventure game. The sound and the music is truly breathtaking making you feel part of the story. Tomonobu Itagaki and Team Ninja really accomplish in bringing one of the best arcade games ever to the Xbox, and showing what makes a game fun to play. The bottom line is if you have an Xbox, you must own this game no matter what.

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Ninja Gaiden in all its revamped beauty!

posted by arklon (EMERADO, ND) Jul 3, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

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I am a old school gamer so of course I have played all the original Gaiden games for the nes and I loved them. I bought this one when it first came out and I was not disappointed at all! The graphic were awesome and the game play...whoa the game play was so darn fun and addictive! Its a blast to fight in this and there are so many moves and combos to use. Even the story stays interesting and the cinemas are truly amazing.

Yes I know this game is VERY hard but so were the originals! The original games were so horribly frustrating that I am sure most gamers were bald from pulling their hair out after playing. Just like the original games though the difficulty does not change how fun this game is to play and how addictive it is and the difficulty actually adds a little to the fun factor. Besides if you did not end up swearing and screaming at the tv screen, it would not be a true Ninja Gaiden game haha.

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Does it live up to the hype? APP anyone?

posted by AfterShock (PASO ROBLES, CA) Apr 16, 2006

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This game isn't for people who don't want a challange because, let me tell you, this game is as challenging as they come. The game starts at the Hayabusa vilage where a dark samurai, Doku, raids and steals "The Dark Dragon Blade" that the Dragon Lineage has been protecting since the "dawn of time." Your main mission is to exact revenge on Doku by killing him, and to retrieve the Dark Dragon Blade. All the while looking for him you encounter many hard boss battles that range from Greater Fiends like Alma and Doku to humans like Murai (your instructor). It's a worthwhile game because when you finally complete it, you feel like you have accomplished something that most people have a hard time mastering.

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