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Ninja Gaiden

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Longer wall running

When you are about to fall from wall running too far, jump forward towards the wall again. You will start to wall run again.

How to Beat Red Dragon Fiends (Chapter 5)

Near the end of Chapter 5, you will be attacked by your first fiends, and they\'re tough! Make sure you have a good amount of health, possibly some spiritual elixers and plenty on ninpo power and elixers. The easiest thing to do is to wait for one to charge at you. Right before it hits you, hit Y+B to use your Art of the Inferno Ninpo, which you should have bought at the shop. The will run into a firewall rather than you. If they attempt to attack you at this time, you cannot be hurt, which is all the reason why Ninpo rocks! When you shoot your fireball at them, it probably won\'t be quite enough to finsih them off, so attack them with some quick... very quick combos. Do this to each one to be done with them. To conserve elixers, kill the first two using your ninpo, then duke it out with the other while blocking his scratching and tail whipping moves, and dodging his charge (this can make Ryu flinch if blocked, possibly leaving you open for attack) and bite moves (since you cannot block the bite). The Flying Swallow move will be your savior here, so never underestimate it.

More Yellow essennce from enemy

If you need plenty of cash in short time, use your essensce attack on enemies for more money.

Defeat helicopter in front of military gate

After you kill the turrets, a helicopter will appear, to defeat it do nothing but run, sooner or later it will pass.

Defeat fiend chapter 5

To defeat the fiend in chapter 5, first cut off both of his tentacles which will then make him vunerable. Once that's done use ninpo or jump forward and Y to take health. Simply repeat each time his tentacles regrow.

Strong bow

In chapter 7 go to the gate with the skull on it use the key, go to the corner, do a flying bird flip to get up. Go down the hall, if there are any enemies, kill them, go to the window, turn around, interact and press X.

Additional Content through Xbox Live

You can receive additional levels and content for this Tecmo title by logging into Xbox Live via the Master Tournament option in the game and selecting the download content (Hurricane Pack) option once you have logged on. In these additional levels you will be able to retrieve more weapons, costumes, etc.

Catwomen from Hurricane Pack (Xbox Live)

These additional characters from the hurricane pack have a certain range and are polarized by distances (faulty AI or by design). Therefore get out of their range by climbing on stairs and utilize a long range attack (windmill shruiken).

Less battle damage

When you are grabbed by an enemy or a Boss such as the Dragon, mash the buttons quickly to escape without taking full damage.

Easy Essence

Killing a foe without using Y will give you five times more Essence.

More items

Do not pass up the dead ninjas that are lying around. They have items on them.

Obtaining rewards

Talk to the shopkeeper every time you see him. This is when he will collect your Golden Scarabs. He will give you rewards after every several Scarabs.

In-game reset

Press Start + Back while playing the game to return to the main menu.

Ultimate costumes (Xbox Live)

After installing the Hurricane Pack from Xbox Live, hold down the black button before picking a mission in master tournament to unlock the Evil Ryu costume. Hold down the white button before picking a mission in master tournament for the Dead of Alive Ninja costume.