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GF Rating


Challenging and Unrivaled Gameplay.

posted by conman (SOUTH BEND, IN) Sep 15, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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This game will challenge you. It's not "impossible" or just plain "hard," but it's also not a game that you can expect to casually make your way through. You won't pass it simply by putting in the time.

First, the game looks very good. It has great textures, bright and varied colors, and fantastic character animations. It runs up to 1080p (if your TV can handle it) and runs smoothly with only minor screen-tearing issues.

The story is sub-par, but the mythology behind it is great. Game extras and additional levels of difficulty give real legs to this game. It will last you a long time. After you rent it, you will want to buy it. Trust me.

What makes this game stand out from other action games, though, is the fight mechanics. Unlike God of War, learning the combos is not just a way to add flair to your fighting; those combos are a necessary part of learning how to fight effectively. It will take you substantial time to learn your preferred techniques for a given situation and a given combination of enemies. The game's difficulty increases with each "chapter," forcing you to hone your fighting skills. By the time you finish the game, you will feel as though you actually learned something.

The best comparison I can think of is Guitar Hero, where when you finally get five stars on all the expert songs you feel like a real pro. This game is not a light undertaking. Be prepared for a good old fashioned gaming challenge. Highly recommended.

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GF Rating

Very Good

great and challenging game

posted by blackout87 (POCATELLO, ID) Oct 13, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game was a great game, it had a wonderful storyline, nice variations, only a few flaws, and not too easy.
This game is great those players who like a good challenge, although, even when on normal mode i found myself at spots when i could barely get past it without dying for the seventeenth time. For those gamers who get very upset when you cannot beat something, i do not recommend this game on any difficulty other than ninja dog(If you need to know how to get to ninja dog mode please look at the cheats and codes section)
The only other flaws i can think of other than how challenging it is is that sometimes the camera can be a bit annoying, but it only happens in small areas and can usually be avoided.
this game never gets boring, there isnt any repetative material.
Wonderful and fun overall.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Stress level= High.

posted by ultramac (CHICAGO, IL) Apr 5, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma offers a great mix of action, creative scenes, villains, and puzzles. The artwork was great and the way the game flowed was amazing. It is easy to see why NGS is such a popular franchise. Upsetting however is how difficult it is to reach the end but how easy it is to beat the game. I have to say that I had to shut down my PS3 several times due to how difficult some of the bosses were. After a couple of attempts and a new approach it became clear that every opponent was slightly different and some weapons worked better on certain opponents while other weapons worked better on others. The Ninpo attacks were amaazing and it is smart to try and upgrade one or two ninpo attacks fully and at least two of your weapons fully if you intend to beat the bosses that come in the later chapters. All in all the game was a success. Don't be upset about the ending, Team Ninja might make it up to you in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Or at least they better. UltraMac

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