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Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

posted by Captain_Crunch1 (QUINCY, MA) May 23, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Same Old Ninja Gaiden.. As It was On The Xbox,This Has Its Added Features... But Nothing Major,Its Hack,slash... As All Ninja Gaidens Are... Bosses Can Get Hard Later,But This Has A Pretty Good Story,Great Voice Acting... Stay Away From Ninja Gaiden 3,its Not The Same.... and it Scored Way Low...

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First Ninja Gaiden Game :P

posted by LouisV (BRONX, NY) May 8, 2012

Member since Jan 2010

I love this game it's really fun, the graphics looks amazing on the vita screen. Although one complain i do have is when you jump its hard to control where you go, so some times you fall off the edges, I once even had to restart a whole difficult boss battle 3 times because when the game switched over from Rachael to Ryu i was in a place with no save point and to get to one i had to jump on multiple small ledges.

I saw pass all this though and enjoyed the game a lot, its a good rent :)

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GF Rating

Very Good

For those new to Ninja Gaiden.

posted by Rymo Apr 26, 2012

Let me first say that this, being the first Ninja Gaiden game I've played, is simply an amazing game.

The graphics are superb, the backrounds, enemies, Ryu, and heck even the menus look crisp and clean. It's surprisingly easy to follow Ryu around the game as he jumps off walls, rolls past enemies, and preforms amazing combos.

The story is easy to follow, and throws in enough twists too keep you woondering what, or who you will be facing next.

There is also a surprising amount of weapons and costumes to unlock, although costumes are only unlocked for beating the game on various difficuties. You start off with a sword, and before to long you have nunchuckes, the controls are all the same, just different moves which makes the game ever entertaining. Fast track a chapter or two, and you have a lunar staff, wooden sword, and even the possiblity to duel weild! What also makes it interesting are the ability scrolls you can find. Anything ranging from being protected by fireballs, to throwing fireballs, now add water and other elements, and the possibilites for destruction are endless.

For those new to this series, be warned. Even on hero mode, when it automatically blocks when health reaches a certain point, the enemies are ruthless. I reccomend playing the game to chapter 3, then completely restarting over again. This way, your not to far into the campaign, and upon playing for a second time, you remember the important controls that are thrown at you, and it makes it all much more enjoyable.

I give the game an 8 out of 10.
The only cons would be the lack of imstructions given, even with the manual the whole Karma system and various items are not fully explained. At some points camera angles will be terrible resulting in a death here and there, but nothing so bad as to totally ruin the game.

If you have ever felt like running across walls, backflipping off enemies and throwing ninja starts at them, then this is the game for you.

Game on.

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