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Very Good

I REEEEEALLYYYYY Wanted to give this game a 10

posted by BlackShado (POWELL, OH) Oct 18, 2009

Member since May 2008

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I have been a Ninja Gaiden Fan Since the first NES Version. Ninja Gaiden For the X Box was incredibly hard and a difficult game to master. I cant tell you how many times I threw my controller in anger swearing I wold never turn that game on again and be back at it 6 hours later. I LOVED that game! Gaiden Sigma was even better! New Weapons and new Bosses and the difficulty was amped up even more. They made a good game even better!

When Ninja Gaiden II came out I couldn't wait. I was somewhat disappointed. Game was a bit easier than the first one. Less skillful weapon control required and you could get away with more button mashing. I really Expected Sigma II to fix the little problems and bring back up the difficulty level back up. It didn't. (Until you unlock Mentor Difficulty, but then you already had to play the game once through.)

Anyways, the graphics are great, Game-play is good, game is WAYYYY too easy, and I don't like what they did with the blacksmith only upgrading your weapon once per location. So with all the health items you find through the game, I rarely had to purchase any items and had nothing to spend my money on. By the end of the game I literally had over a quarter-million essence left over and nothing to spend it on.

So the bottom line, game is easier than it should be, For the average gamer this is good. Graphics are stunning. Controls are excellent. Camera can sometimes be goofy but once you get used to it its fine.

Definite must get and play.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Of Zen and Gaming

posted by Jrw1202 (KALAMAZOO, MI) Sep 29, 2009

Member since Mar 2007

25 out of 33 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

I remember a review of the very first Xbox Ninja Gaiden, in a few words it was noted how incredible the game was. The article compared the experience to an actual battle, keeping the mind as clear settled water in order to make it through battles in the game [ZEN]. I rented the game in my Q, but after constantly playing the demo on PSN, I decided to go out and buy it. Make no mistake I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Playstation owners it was worth the wait, the PS3 version is much better then the 360. This game is worth the money to buy let alone rent. If you loved the first one you should buy it, if you have never played Ninja Gaiden, play the first one, or play the demo's. This game is not easy, and demands your undivided attention, but is ssssooooo rewarding, also I'm glad team ninja gave us the japanese language with english subtitles if we choose.

Thank you Team Ninja!!!!!

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A fantastic upgrade

posted by kiwarrior (WATSONVILLE, CA) Oct 23, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

I played the xbox 360 version and completed all of the missions and levels. I must say that I definetely prefer this more complete version than the Beta version that was on the 360. I own both a ps3 and xbox 360. Early adopters always seem to double dip but I don't mind. This game on the 360 had some flaws and gaps that this game fixed. Although the camera is still an issue I found the delight of new the unlimited ammo for the bow and bazooka Ryu carries. Although I miss exploding shurikens and the windmill shuriken it didn't take away the fun factor from the the game. Also I enjoy that I don't have to collect essence for upgrading weapons anymore the kind Muramasa wil upgrade once per level which is fantastic because that kept the focus on staying alive on mentor(still need to finish) (will start master ninja soon) The addition of the the three characters of the NG mythos are a nice addition and I find that their presence was not necessary but sure made the game more funner. The mission mode is definetely fun especially with a friend who knows what he/she is doing because the AI sometimes doesn't seem to know what to do. But it's a AI controlled player that for it it knows does what its been programmed to do. The addition of the heavy weapon the erma was a nice nod to the original NG Dabilabro although a nod to the Ultimate Flawleness would be nice for the NG3. Another nice addition was that you can move slightly now that your aiming the crossbrow which I think team ninja did a fantastic job on. Another praise goes to better costume design. I really like the original arcade/NES blue Ryu costume. Much better than those unoriginal custome designs in the 360 version. Although I did like some of the DLC customes of NG2 the standard ones were dreadful unlike these more appealing. Finally I also want to give a thumbs up to Team Ninja for that nice comic/movie that was placed while you installed the game. All I can say is GENIUS. Found it ENJOYABLE. A+++ Game a BUY!!

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