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GF Rating

Above Average

Flawed but mostly fun

posted by Supermane1985 (PORTLAND, OR) Nov 26, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

Its not a bad game by any means, it just not impressive.

Good things: There are tons more weapons than the first game. They are all fun to try but you'll probably end up settling on a couple of favorites. The pace is also enjoyably frenetic and it seemed like a surprisingly lengthy game as well.

You'll run through an area, kill some guys, do that over and over for 30 minutes, then fight a boss or two. I found myself missing platforming. Ryu has so many cool moves to get around they are just never artfully used in this game.

Cons: There are also tons more "boss fights." On the face this might seem a good thing but many of them are very poorly designed (or reused) so they are exercises in frustration, rather than the tests of skill we found in Gaiden 1. The 1st stage of the head boss is hands down one of the worst I've ever played. its not even very frustrating, its just tedious and requires almost no thought.

More problems come from the item system. No more buying upgrades for weapons, now they are given to you, slowly, throughout the game. Your yellow souls will just stack up in your inventory because there's no reason to buy the very few items you can use them on. There are also hidden skulls to find but collecting them just gives you a discount on the items you don't want or need to buy.

Overall it wasn't a bad rental but don't get your hopes up for a great ninja game.

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GF Rating


Good game overall

posted by Swave770 (CHESAPEAKE, VA) Mar 6, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

IT a great game in all but i really got board fast after making it to the 3rd level!! For me personally i just couldn't get into it like i would like being that i played it on other systems. Going from Ps3 or xbox 360 to psp vita though good graphics it just not the same!! But if your a fan of the gaiden series and want the hand held I am sure it will enligthen you!! Espeically if you didn't play them on the others systems

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GF Rating

Very Good

It slices. It dices.

posted by GlassDarkly (STEVENSON RANCH, CA) Apr 4, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

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Big Ninja Gaiden fan here, except for the third one. So I was pleased I could play a new-ish version of number 2 on my Vita -- lived up to my expectations. Gameplay is tight and fluid and ever, it looks great on my Vita, but somehow the levels don't feel as epic as they felt when I originally played the game on the 360.

But that's a minor complaint. I played the second easiest setting and had no trouble making my way through to the end of the game. A few deaths here and there, but it was usually because of my sloppy play.

I had more fun with this one than NGS+ on Vita, except in the extras department. This one has tag mode and ninja race mode, which are just putting you in the same levels from the game. Kind of dull. I would have liked some other set of challenges, or else a really unique mode.

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