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Ninja Gaiden Black


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Gameplay Controls

Ninja Gaiden Black

Directional Pad Select Menu Item
Left Thumbstick Select Menu Item
B Button Return
X Button Confirm
Left Trigger Turn Page
Right Trigger Turn Page
Start Pause Menu. Exit.
Back Return

Left Thumbstick Movement. Attack Command Input. Precision Aiming (With Bow and Arrow Equipped).
Right Thumbstick Manipulate Camera. Click In to Toggle First Person/Third Person Views.
A Button Jump. Move Forward Underwater. Run on Water (Press Rapidly When Stepping Onto Water).
B Button Hold to Draw Bow (Aim With Left Thumbstick). Release B to Fire Bow.
X Button Attack. Action Button (Interact). Confirm Selection.
Y Button Strong Attacks (Hold to Charge, Release to Unleash - Charge Attacks, Special Attacks, Combo Finishers, etc.)
White Button Enable Karma Display
Black Button Display Map
Left Trigger Block
Right Trigger Center Camera Behind Player. Zoom (With Bow and Arrow Equipped).
Start Start Game. Pause.
Combo #1 Y + B = Ninpo Magic Attacks
Combo #2 Use X and Y Buttons Together = Combo Attacks
Combo #3 Jump While Running Straight Up a Wall = Flying Bird Flip
Combo #4 When jumping on a wall, let go of Left Thumbstick right after you hit the wall to Wall Cling for a short time. You can jump from a Wall Cling.
Combo #5 While Hanging, Press A Button = Pull Yourself Up
Combo #6 While Hanging, Press Left Thumbstick Down + A Button = Drop Down
Combo #7 While Swinging on Branch or Pole, Press A Button = Jump Off
Combo #8 While Blocking, Push Left Thumbstick in Desired Direction = Reverse Wind Dodge
Combo #9 X + A = Wind Run (Jump Toward Nearest Enemy)