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Best Action Game Ever

posted by SynVisions (Pomona, CA) Apr 15, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This is probably my favorite game of all time. The combat is extremely well done, and very repsonsive. There is a large array of weaponry for you to use, and they all play a different part.

The graphics are also very good, some of the best on the Xbox. The game isn't extremely long, but given the difficulty and different modes available including harder difficulties with new enemies and bosses and the missions mode, there is plenty of playtime.

The only real problem with this game is the storyline is a bit cliche and weak, but I don't play action games for the storyline anyway.

And finally, this game is not for the new or easily frustrated gamer. It IS a difficult game, there is no doubt about it. If you are persistent though you can at least beat it on normal. I'm not the greatest at these types of games but with practice and persistence I was able to beat it on hard.

Anyway stop reading this review and grab this game, you won't regret it.

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Ninjas rule

posted by AfterShock (PASO ROBLES, CA) Jun 6, 2006

Top Reviewer

Member since Aug 2005

15 out of 16 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

Like Ninja Gaiden... this game breaks the ice with it's combat system, which is, i'd say, the best part of the game. The storyline isn't that much different from the original Ninja Gaiden. In fact, the only major difference is that Black offers extra missions when you complete the game. Missions like beating Alma (one of the hardest bosses in the game) except you have to fight fiends at the same time... and it's on hard difficulty... As you progress and beat the missions thrown at you you'll win rewards. These missions are a lot harder then the game and I propose that you rent it first to see what it's like. Overall... I gave this game a 10 because it has a great story that involves a Samurai stealing a sord that has the power to turn it's wielder into a devil incarnate, you have to find him and retrieve the blade before the world comes to an end... ya know, Action game stuff.

Still... the main reason I rated this game so high was because of the missions AFTER the game... If you are renting the game thinking that the story has changed, I'm going to tell you now that it hasn't...

And to make the game a lot easier for those of you that are turned off by the games challenge... buy and master the Izuna Drop for high combo kills. It releases a lot of essence and it kills, pretty much, everything you encounter... (bosses are not included : (... Well I hope that helps you guys out! Have fun!

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Dreams for the future..

posted by Onisan (SHERMAN OAKS, CA) May 15, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

If you never played this game, its like saying you have never heard of Halo.

Gameplay: Graphics Look like a Xbox 360 and the animations flows as sweet as a river. When you play this game your eyes go into a stage they have never seen before.. This game is truly 100% a game. Many weapons, satisfying kills, extreamly difficult. I mean wow, i spend a lot of this time in this game and is one of the few who beat this on hard. Prepare for the fight of your life.

Story: You want revenge? Go get it they killed your girl and your village and for that they will die. Truly interesting.

Overall: BUY BUY BUY IT.
Gameplay: 10
Overall: 9.8

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