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Lack of Vision

posted by Taylon (WILLITS, CA) Mar 30, 2012

Member since Dec 2004

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I never post reviews. Ninja Gaiden's lack of vision changed that.
The game has been so disrespected it wouldnt even have worked as a game if it was entering consoles as Ninja Gaiden 1.

Losing the man who created this Franchise really hurt TECMO. (thats an understatement)

The game is basically entering a small area to fight a large group of enemies button smashing x&y waiting for your supermove meter to fill up to destroy all enemies on screen & kill a few more stragglers... enter a QTE cutscene rinse & repeat until fight a mediocre boss. Beyond button mashing, the problem that persists is that you have different types of enemies shooting at you with guns.. some throwing ninpo at you & others even shooting rockets. Your constantly 100% fighting dashing like a mad man HOPING not to get hit (which you will 1000's of times) by those weapons which stun you in your tracks. Also enemies magically grab you & do a devasting move that will take 1/3 or 1/2 your life. SO your just in a flux of hope & luck to make it through most battles dodging the grabs or thrown weapons.

Story is random uninteresting Jappp weird spazzo. Too be expected.

Graphics are extremely bland except for Character models. Sound is Flat, Harsh, & annoying.

I never quit a game. My gamerscore is well over 250,000 legit & i constantly commit to half gamerscore on anygame i play. but this Game is Annoying Despicable waste of Ninja Honor & has become one of the top 10 worst games of alltime in my books. Plus they dissrespect you more by asking you to pay $10 for half4$$ multiplayer!! BUMMER on all levels ;,[ Hope this helps.

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Ninja Gaiden Craptacular Adventure.

posted by Icefoxvi (LARAMIE, WY) Oct 21, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Normally I wouldn’t give a game as bland and generic as this even the slightest attention beyond a poor rating, but the fact that Team Ninja managed to take one of my favorite franchises and so utterly destroy it in a single blow calls for my immediate attention.
Ninja Gaiden 1 was hailed as one of the most challenging games for the 360 among my peers- borderline impossible. The sequel managed to take all the good from the original and balance it with new material, correcting some of the more annoying mechanics and making an extremely well developed and balanced game that was fun and engaging. 3 is the most cowardly attempt to make NG appeal to the lowest, most generalized, slack-jawed, talentless and bland denominator possible.
What once required split second timing and coordination has been distilled into a button masher with quicktime events. you can literally go through the whole game just pushing X repeatedly.
I don't even have enough space to go into the narrative with any depth, but suffice to say that it is uninspired and their pathetic attempts to make the plot twisty and unpredictable end up boiling down into a soup that cant decide if its Cajun gumbo or creamy mushroom. They even wasted a great opportunity when unmasking Ryu. Opposed to waiting till the climax to show his face and treating us to a great and epic moment when he reveals himself, he just kinda doesn’t have a mask on at some point and is all like, "oh, hello there. Im Ryu: a godlike, ninja, son-of-a-dragon and i look like a stereotypical effeminate teenage angsty boy".
If you don't mind your five-year-old witnessing bloody katana murder, they really might enjoy this game and you are a bad parent. Otherwise, don’t play this- and if you see a member of Team-Ninja approach them with a rolled up magazine and paddle them on the butt for peeing all over this franchise.


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This game is horrible

posted by matrich99 (Fargo, ND) Mar 26, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

This game was a real letdown. Let me begin by saying how could they release such a terrible title under the Ninja Gaiden name
If you are looking for the creativity, graphics, and gameplay you have come to expect from this franchise you will be dissapointed
This game is nothing but a button smashing fest, hit x kill a guy hit x again zip across the screen and kill another one. The combo system is completely gone from earlier games combos are now x and Y there is not weapon selection in this game you get your sword, shurikens, and an explosive bow The gameplay is action packed but all of the things you would expect in a Ninja gaiden title are missing. I couldn't even play through the whole game it was so bad. Less than 2 hours and back to Gamefly it went. If you are looking for a button masher this is the game for you but if you want an in depth experience and play Ninja gaiden as it should be play Ninja gaiden Black and Ninja gaiden 2 again. By all means if you are a hardcore Ninja gaiden fan try this game but don't be surprised by how dissappointed you would be with it. This may be a rental at best but there are numerous better games out there that deserve more attention than this terrible sequal

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