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Worst NG on the Xbox

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Mar 26, 2012

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Even dating back to the NES, when I think of Ninja Gaiden, I mainly think of two things: difficulty and gore. I think of frustration, boss battles, and more importantly as of recent...I think of ripping limbs off of every sucker who tries to pull a sword or gun at me. NOT ANYMORE. Limb cutting has been removed, and the game has gotten worse. More limb slicing = better game. Ok, I've made my point with limb slicing, but until the guy is just a torso on the ground how am I supposed to know he's dead? I'll slice this dude up with 40 swings and spray 100 gallons of blood out, but he's still getting back up.

NG3 also has an easy mode and ability to click RS to see your current path. Why dumb it down? Look at Dark Souls and its success at being the reason why hundreds of controllers are broken in a dumpster.

Expect way too many quick time button commands to press during boss battles and scenes. Expect lots of blood and cool combos, and guys that can withstand being sliced with a katana 50 times. But don't expect to see your enemy's head fly off with a backslice. OH wait, that's right ... because you can't cut limbs off anymore.

They added online mode too. But oh wait... you need an online pass. What a surprise. I didn't know EA was publishing this one. Because those greedos slap one of those filthy online passes on everything they touch now. If you want access to clan battles and other online modes you'll need to fork over $12 in MSP, but IT'S NOT WORTH BUYING TRUST ME.

I hate to report that this is the worst Ninja Gaiden of the newer generations. I didn't like the changes to the camera angles, or the fact that I can no longer wield nasty scythes, axes, etc.

Milt Drucker

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don't bother

posted by skelecopter (MURRYSVILLE, PA) Mar 21, 2012

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I literally changed the channel and continued tapping x, i changed back and the wave of enemies was dead and my health was full. This game is the opposite of ninja gaiden.

No combos, no challenge (to the point of it being absurdly boring) there's no point in playing it. I don't understand how you can ruin such a good formula. It was so simple.

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Off with team ninja head

posted by shidowdawg (PORTAGE, IN) Mar 24, 2012

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I would have loved if they kelp what made NG1 and2 better mainly NG2 (decapitation, lots of blood and cool finishers ) this game look like NG but don't feel much like it much more like NG lite with zero calories, I have not touched the game in 3 days im done better luck next time.

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