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A collosal dissapointment

posted by mcnerderson (AUSTIN, TX) Mar 21, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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The score and title don't begin to describe how horrible this game actually is. Even if it wasn't a sequel to my favorite videogame series it would still be a terrible game. The fighting is one demential and extremely repetitive.
Each level is a series of exactly the same battle. The enemies are all clones of enemies found in the first 4 levels. The elite ones are in white. That is the only difference. They fight exactly the same. The only difference between normal and hard is the amount of enemies on the screen, the number of their waves and how much damage they inflict. Their fight patterns don't change at all.

There are absolutely NO ITEMS and nothing to explore the environment for. Enemies and bosses give you absolutely nothing for your efforts and every level feels like you're just wasting your efforts for absolutely nothing.

Apparently, the reason for erasing everything fans of the series loved and replacing it with nothing was so the player could focus his or her attention on the story. Which is as pointless as every Ninja Gaiden and literally contradicts itself. The incompetent developers of this paper thin story want to flesh out Ryu as a character by making him find out if he is just a murderer. There is a little girl he has to save and everything. Great, but to save her and prove he is not just a murderer he has to brutally hack up upwards of 2000 fellow human beings. Many of them are unarmed and begging for their lives as well. Story fail.

The amazingly complex and beautiful fighting system fans of the series adore is replaced by a very bland and lack luster cut through bone (or whatever) one, where you auto kill every single enemy who has been cut up enough. You cannot visually see when they are ready for the quicktime event but Ryu seeks them out for you so you don't have to actually work to achieve a victory. Kunai climbing is boring and glitchy and adds nothing.
Do not bother with t

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most dissapointing game ever!!!

posted by RJONES69 (SOUTH BEND, IN) Mar 21, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

9 out of 12 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I have played every ninja gaiden game that has came out for Ps3,X -Box 360 and original X-box and Ninja Gaiden 3 is a Major'Major insult to the series. I didnt get it through my gamefly account because before it could get here i was so excited that i rented it from a local video store.after playing for 2 hours i took it out of my game Q.No collectibles,upgrades 0r excitement for that matter. A Complete Ripoff !!! This is at most a$15 hack and slash.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Steamlined Butchery

posted by Vhashaar (Puyallup, WA) Apr 12, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

There's been some bad press about this one, but I find the game stands up on its own just fine.

The latest installment in Ninja Gaiden features the unstoppable killing machine Ryu Hayabusa, called a ninja but really a rival to Kratos himself. This leg of his journey sees him face the burden of a blood curse upon his sword-arm, pursuing an evil conglomerate, wasting loads of their minions, taking on colorful boss enemies, and managing to deliver a cheesy yet filling story.

One of the heaviest gripes about the game has been the removal of all weapons besides the Dragon Sword from the player's arsenal (though judging by a recent patch which added the Claws weapon, there will be more on the way). The inventory management is gone from the game and the focus is on pushing forward and killing lots and LOTS of enemies. Initially, fans of the series will complain the game is too easy (relatively speaking) and the enemies don't sustain damage to the degree they used to.

Mind you, cleaving off a leg or two is roughly equivalent to splitting a torso, this complaint is largely moot. The game is graphic, gory, intense and unabashed about it. Action/gore junkies will enjoy it quite a bit. The difference is you're not smeared with enemies' viscera - just drizzled in it.

The multiplayer offering is a series of challenge stages for coop play (wipe out all enemies) or an amusing slapdash competitive mode (wipe out all enemies) with occasional change-ups (wipe out everyone) and surprising challenge in the form of lag (ninjas + lag = unstoppable). I would consistently reveal a stealthed opponent with an attack only to die to his very own stealth insta-kill attack... Bear this in mind and you'll still have a decent time unlocking new outfits and weapon techniques.

It is a sloppy ball of arcady action, though not too many players on at a time.

I feel NG3 presents a satisfying standalone action experience, even though it's all on-rails linear. Definitely worth che

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