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Really Bad

HUGE LETDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Tommicter917 (MARGATE, FL) Mar 25, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

First off, i really like ninja gaiden its a pretty well designed game. This game had only to good things, thus explaining the score, the fighting still had that "Ninja Gaiden" feel and the graphics. The bad parts were everything else.

However bought this game, i feel sorry for..... three weapons... A sword, a bow, and throwing stars. Lets not forget we also have only 1 ninpo spell although it is helpful and really awesome that does not help fix our broken down game.

I have an idea to make this game better, change everything from Ninja Gaiden into something else that way they do not ruin the series for hardcore fans.....

If they had different fighting styles and maybe an upgrade system them maybe just maybe from the bottom of my heart i would consider this a playable game.

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GF Rating


Very Disappointing!

posted by LurkerLito (NEW HYDE PARK, NY) Mar 24, 2012

Member since Oct 2007

Ninja Gaiden 3, it is so neutered from previous versions that I really can't recommend it at all. I still gave it a 5 cause it is playable and NG like, but it is NOT Ninja Gaiden. I own all of the others, I was expecting this would be a keeper, but it is absolutely NOT. I was disappointed in NG sigma 2 on PS3 cause of the changed color and reduced the amount of blood, but at least that one kept the gameplay of the NG games in tact and it was worth buying. This one threw it all away and I returned it immediately after beating it all the while hoping it would get better but it didn't.

First of all there are 3 total weapons, Sword, Kunai (throwing knives), and Bow and arrow. A big step down from older NG games. No Kusarigama, dual swords, nunchucks, claws or Scythe. No multiple kinds of throwing weapons either.

Second only one kind of ninpo and worse is you cast it and it heals you and takes everyone on the screen. I don't like that at all.

Third, no strategy at all in this one, pure button mashing game. In previous games, you could use a different weapon if you needed to for certain enemies because of their speed or toughness, since the weapons were removed, all that is gone.

Fourth, the charge attacks are kind of garbage now, if you get enough blood on you, you can do a canned super move that kills a bunch of enemies with one shot but it's like a cinematic cut scene.

Fifth, very limited types of enemies and you battle them over and over again. The older NG games had better variety especially the mid and end of level bosses.

Sixth, no store or upgrading of your weapons or your health or powers. No potions to buy for heath, it auto healed you after your battles are completed in the section of the level you are in.

It also felt shorter than previous versions. The trials stuff wasn't as well done as previous NG2. You can't even team up with Momiji or Ayane who both appear briefly in the game for cameos and are not playable in the game like in

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GF Rating


what could have been.

posted by morgan29042 (DENMARK, SC) Mar 23, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

ok the begining of this is great but as you play through nothing really changes no new magic no new weapons and that is what really kept this game down ninja gaiden 3 is a hot mess.

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