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Really Bad

they ruined it

posted by smatt (WOODBRIDGE, VA) Apr 3, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

screw this game forever.the story mode is lame.its got tons of movies that arent even fun to watch.the moves are all the same,just button mash your not even in control of the attacks half of the time.the online is fun except for all of the glitches that come out and lag when your fighting.the greedy mooks made it so THE DLC TALON WEAPON IS ONLY ON THE CAMPAiGN.IF YOU WANT IT ONLINE YOURE GONNA HAVE TO PAY. i messed up and bought this garbage and i was waiting for the DLC to come out to see if it had helped b4 i took it back but to no avail,im taking it back now. this game bites!!!!!!

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posted by jonesdj (JOHNSTOWN, PA) Apr 2, 2012

Member since Feb 2007

I'm a huge Ninja Gaiden fan, but this one is a huge disappointment. The game is too easy, the story doesn't fully make sense, the multiplayer sucks and there's no replay value. Compared to Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and 2, this one is way out there. The only real thing this game has going for it is the action is pretty good, graphics are on point and the controls are similar to the previous titles. Other than that, no go. They should've kept this title like the sigma series instead of throwing all those new ideas out there at once. My suggestion, stick with Sigma 1 and 2. This title isn't really worth it unless you're a trophy hunter.

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Reinventing the Ninja?

posted by stycky (BRONX, NY) Mar 27, 2012

Member since Oct 2004

Trying to fix something that is not broken is always a bad idea. Being a NG fan that I am, I shed a tear for such a horrible game NG has become! ONLY 1 WEAPON AND ONLY 1 NINPO= #2 (get it?) Anyway, I didnt even do my research before buying this weak game, which is unlike me, but I went and got it on GP because of the Brand. Whoever created this game should perform sepuku. Failure for the Ninja is shameful and intolerable.

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