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Ninja Gaiden 2


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Gameplay Controls

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Ninja Gaiden 2
Directional Pad
Quick Menu
Left Thumbstick
Move. Move Toward Ledge to Climb Down and Hang. Move Left or Right Across Ledge While Hanging.
Right Thumbstick
Camera Control
A Button
Jump. Climb Up Ledge. Let Go From Pole. Swim (Hold). Run on Water (Tap While Floating in Water).
B Button
Projectile Attack. Drop Down Ledge. Charge Projectile Attack (Hold, Release).
X Button
Quick Attack. Dive (While Wall Running).
Y Button
Strong Attack. Dive (While Wall Running). Charge Melee Attack (Hold, Release).
Left Bumper
First-Person View (Hold)
Right Bumper
Left Trigger
Start Button
Pause Menu
Right Trigger
Camera Reset. Camera Zoom (First-Person View).
Back Button
Options Menu
Quickly move Left Thumbstick Left and Right while pressing A, B, X, Y Buttons
Hold B Button and move Left Thumbstick
Melee Attack
Push Left Thumbstick forward to swing and let go with the A Button
Wall Run
Jump toward wall, then move Left Thumbstick to run along the face of the wall. Dive sword-first by pressing the X or Y Button.
Flying Bird Flip
Run straight up a wall by pressing Up on the Left Thumbstick and the A Button, then press the A Button
Use Ninpo
Counter Attack