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1 word for this game. Stupid!

posted by nonaym13 (HAMILTON, OH) Nov 13, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

Anyone who with a brain on mechanics of a game, should easily know how much this game blows. the only thing that was better from the last game is the graphics, which, i can guarantee you is NOT that much better. the other thing is, its game mechanics are EXACTLY the same as the one from the original xbox. storyline hasnt exactly improved much, either, i literally have no idea whats going on, but it looks exactly like the storyline of the last game... something stupid about demons...

the fighting system is horribly flawed, ryu cant protect himself against more then one enemy at all, people will grab you randomly even though you attacked them first, clearly. Also, i discovered, your biggest, most lethal enemy, is... bats. yes, thats right, bats... ryu cant attack or defend at all against bats, no matter how much you hold down the block button, no matter how crazy you get with ANY of your weapons. if you are faced with alot of bats, your pretty much (blank).

for the xbox original, this would be a great game. but lets face it people, this is the 360. you sorta expect.... improvements. counter attacks sorta suck to, but after all the flaws ive had to deal with in this game so far, its not worth mastering... or even caring about.

theyve taken a classic well loved game, and thrown it to the (blank). I dont believe, for one second, they actually TRIED to make a good game, with this title. It looks like they just copied and paste alot of the material. yes, copy and paste. the loading icon on the bottom right is EXACTLY the same as alot of other things that are very similar. The opening to the game starts off with a camera moving through a storm in an ocean... just like the xbox original one. which, looks alil better then the first one... but i think thats because its HD, not better game graphics. (also the game is needlessly difficult, even on easy mode)

anyone claiming to love this game, clearly has no brain, and can go royally (blank) themself...

ty for read

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Poor Design

posted by capthavic (ATHOL, MA) Feb 25, 2013

Member since Mar 2011

An okay fighter that is ruined by cheap tactics and poor design. You will take so much damage from cheap shots you have have no way to avoid, usually from enemies hiding off camera or taking potshots from afar. The camera is sluggish and cumbersome and the enemies seem to know this because more often than not they will wait for you at the tops of stairs and jump you before you can even see anything! The controls can feel clunky as well and I never felt fully in control of Ryu, falling and missing jumps/attacks as a result. Finally even on the easy difficulty the enemies sometimes felt really cheap and some bosses absolutely ridiculous and not in a good way.

I really wanted to like this game (and the series in general) but it just feels sloppy and not fun.

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haha ninja gaiden 2

posted by retainyourfocuz (MILTON, MA) Feb 24, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

wow. I have spent an enormous amount of time on this game. I truly feel that this game is a masterpiece; there is a sort of harmony that comes when you finally get good enough at this game to Love it. Lets face it, this game is hard, not just hard but very very very hard. People say its too hard. keep whining and give up, youre not a good gamer. people say the camera sucks. keep whining, when you get far enough into the game the camera is irrelevant because you are moving too fast. all you see is blood and limbs flying. people say it is a button masher. Good luck, if you button mash you will not even come close to beating it. Im sick of games nowadays that in order to beat it you have to find the 77th cd or statue or some other stupid thing that takes NO SKILL at all. This game is requires skill, pure and simple, not luck, skill. in fact, when you get good enough, you learn how to slow the game down even though there is upwards of fifteen enemies attacking you all at once. there are so many weapons, all with different combos to unlock, it is so so fun and makes you feel so accomplished when you beat parts. It is amazing, this is not for someone who wants to play this game casually. If you can devote your time and effort into this game, and not give up like the other weaklings, you will discover a type of pride that you have never experienced before from a game. It is so rewarding and if you have the balls it is a Must have game. a game that to me is legendary. The fact that ive logged 1000+ hours in this game, never got sick of it, never experienced any glitches and still love it more than any other game ive ever played is testament to its greatness. Good Luck and Dont Give Up, and you will have the same experience as me. Thanks for reading.

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