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Very Good

very good---but as usual boss fights...

posted by 360Santi (NEW YORK, NY) Jun 7, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

for the series finally landing on 360 ITS ABOUT TIME!! as a 360 title, they do not disappoint..Very nice smooth & crisp grafix. Camera blind spot angles are frequent and are annoying but tolerable.

but the hardness of the bossfights is why i nvr completed the XBOX-1 version of the older games (NINJA Gaiden & Ninja Gaiden Black) they sit unfinished. This title may do the same as boss fights here as you progress become way harder...

good game good grafix, alot of achievements pop early when you do your moves youve learned & acquired. but for boss fights that you keep dying to do manual saves instead of auto save. beacuse an auto save may last leave you right at a certain boss fight and you cannot hit the store to buy health packs..

good game im up in the air if this is worth a keep it now option..we'll see

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Buckets o' blood!

posted by Islandkiwi (GARLAND, TX) Jun 7, 2008

Member since Feb 2004

The original Ninja Gaiden has a dubious honor for me...I purchased that game three times, and never finished it. Each time I'd reach a point where I would just get slaughtered, and I'd get frustrated and then sell it. Then I'd buy it again.

Why? Because the fighting action is superb, and when you survived, it felt like an accomplishment. Ninja Gaiden 2, I had hoped, would maintain this feat and yet feel a bit more accessible to those of us with average ninja skills.

I've played through two levels so far, and I'm quite pleased. The difficulty level has been toned down (or up, if you prefer)...and the fighting itself is amazing. I was concerned that this game would be too violent, that the decapitations would be gross and I would turn off the game with distaste. Instead I'm enthralled at watching some guy missing and arm or leg and yet still coming after me. I had a moment where I'm fighting off a mob and it was the guy with no legs behind me that pulled me down and started beating the bejeezus out of me. And good for him!

That being said, once again the camera is not always your friend. But aside from that, this game is a must play for 360 owners. I don't know whether I'll be able to finish this one either, but I'm sure going to give it my best.

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GF Rating


Extreme Ninja Action!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by RipSaw (HERMOSA BEACH, CA) Jun 7, 2008

Member since Dec 2005

I never played any of the other Ninja Gaidens, but that doesn't matter at all. This is one of the greatest games off all time. The reason I gave it a 9 is because the camera is pretty bad. Most of the time enemy is right in front of you and you wont know it. On the good side the combat never gets boring, you get to play as the coolest ninja EVER, and it's so difficult. Thats right it is good to be hard in this game. Finally a game that you wont get bored of in a day. Even when you beat it(I'm no were near the end) you'll still play it over, it's that good. So no matter what you like(whether is true ninjas, bunnies, or Naruto) at least rent the game.

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