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Totally worth it

posted by nintendo43 (GAINESVILLE, FL) Jun 8, 2008

Member since Apr 2005

the pros: the combat in this game is very fluid and responsive. this possibly the greatest combat ive seen in a next-gen action game. it is really cool to hack an opponents limb off and then finish them with brutal obliteration techniques that send even more blood and guts flying. also another good thing is that the obliteration techniques change with every weapon so u never thing a lot which is a nice touch the graphics in this game r SOOOOOOO amazingly beautiful and gorgeous some of the best ive ever seen, the detail on the demon monsters u fight loookkkk really good. The weapons u can get while not a lot (only 8)are different and each has a different combos, also as u power them up through 3 different levels they each change in look and gain a new set of additional combos which a nice so ur not using the same combos throughout. The bosses in the game (while tough and sometimes frustrating) are really good and challenging, a lot of them take up the a lot of screen and are really huge which is cool to to fight.
the Cons: The camera has got to be the biggest frustration in the game, its good in big open environments but in small indoor environments it just goes horribly bad. sometimes when u turn the corner it will get stuck on the wall soo u cant see what enemies is attacking u (at least u can position back behind Ryu by pressing RT. also the story while good and easy to follow (which is a nice +) could be a little better by offering Sonia(who is like rachael from the original and helps out Ryu) as a playable character, to see wat she goes through in between meetings with Ryu (like wat they did in Ninja Gaiden sigma for the PS3) our make little love subplot b/w Ryu an Sonia.

Overall: Ninja Gaiden 2 is one of the best action games, minus a few annoyances. But the gameplay,weapons,challeng- e,and visuals,and the inclusion of downloadable content all make a great game to own.

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Ninja Gaiden

posted by jtspencer (MORENO VALLEY, CA) Jun 8, 2008

Member since May 2008

The game is overall a good game (game mechanics, interaction with the environment, and a good sense of progression. The only that I feel is bad with this game is the camera controls.

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Very Good

very good---but as usual boss fights...

posted by 360Santi (NEW YORK, NY) Jun 7, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

for the series finally landing on 360 ITS ABOUT TIME!! as a 360 title, they do not disappoint..Very nice smooth & crisp grafix. Camera blind spot angles are frequent and are annoying but tolerable.

but the hardness of the bossfights is why i nvr completed the XBOX-1 version of the older games (NINJA Gaiden & Ninja Gaiden Black) they sit unfinished. This title may do the same as boss fights here as you progress become way harder...

good game good grafix, alot of achievements pop early when you do your moves youve learned & acquired. but for boss fights that you keep dying to do manual saves instead of auto save. beacuse an auto save may last leave you right at a certain boss fight and you cannot hit the store to buy health packs..

good game im up in the air if this is worth a keep it now option..we'll see

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