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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

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Another movie game......another bad movie game

posted by alec9922 (STATE COLLEGE, PA) Jun 16, 2009

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Props to the game for getting Ben Stiller to do voice work (or an EXACT sound alike)-- but thats about all i can praise in this awkward wanderer of a game.

You sneak around museums collecting random stuff and evading random enemies. None of which is interesting and most of which is not even part of the story.

The story revolves around finding pieces of the magic tablet that brings the museum pieces to life. Most of the time, you are just trying to get the camera to point forward or attempting to maneuver your character with the terribly awkward controls. The jumping is very difficult to manage. Many of the actions you must perform in the heat of "battle" (you dont have any weapons and run away instead of fighting) are clumsy and some are down right frustrating.

In a moment when you are running from a dinosaur made of bones, its virtually impossible to get your character up and around and jumping and climbing without dying 10 times as you try to get your character to do what you want him to do.

Its a controller thrower if you arent blessed with the inner peace of a zen buddist.

I am i sent it back within hours of putting it in my Wii.

The game is filled with busy work. Collecting items to unlock "bonus" material. Not interesting and not worth your time.

Be prepared for another movie game lemon if you get this one in the mail.

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A Museum not Quite Worth its Admission Price

posted by Funfan12 (ALEXANDRIA, VA) May 13, 2009

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There have been some great movie-based games out there, but Night at the Museum 2 is a disappointment. Although the audio tour buttons are educational and it does have some interesting things in it, the majority of the game is boring. The missions are simple, and the fact that you visit many museums instead of just one makes the storyline more interesting. The controls are okay but do not use the Wii's motion-sensors. Overall, a couple of fun things for kids, but otherwise maybe a pass. Night at the Museum 2 isn't the worst game ever, but it absolutely could have been better. GRADE: C+

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A Museum not Worth the Price of Admission

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 12, 2009

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If there's going to be a trend of making games based on museums, then they will have to do a much better job than the two already out now. (This game and Escape the Museum.)
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is based on the movie of the same title. You play as the main character, Larry, the security guard.
In this game, you wander about a 3D platformer, taking on missions, gathering all sorts of things, piloting vehicles, making jumps, and dealing with bad guys.
But the most important thing you do is gather up several gold ingots (squares) that have been spread over a few musuems. Each ingot gives you a power you will need to use to solve puzzles.
The eight powers are mixed; I like the paintbursh power to bring paintings to life, but not the animal control one (a pain to use), or the gear and "fix it" powers (boring.)
Another problem I had was the button mapping. I would prefer to have the jump button mapped to the A button and the "use the ingot" button mapped to the B button. But the game makers don't do that; they have it reversed.
The game's not very long; it would probably take from four to five hours for most players to get through start to finish. You can try to get all the collectibles and awards, but I wasn't temped to try that.
It also contains many bits of information about historical men, women, and items. I would rather have the game makers stick with a game and not a trivial educational device.
Other features this game has that can go are the basic minigames. There's a game where you stack blocks in the right way, one where you move creepy crawlies to the right spots, and a multiple choice trivia game. They're completly forgettable.
Throughout the main game and mini games, you get points you can use to unlock bits of information or the concept art (another feature that didn't thrill me one bit).
Unless you are a big time fan of 3D platformers, you can skip Night at the Musuem: Battle of the Smithsonian.

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