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Go fetch this, please bring me that.

posted by CaptainX79 (SCHENECTADY, NY) May 2, 2010

Member since Feb 2007

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Don't let my title scare you, It's fitting but fetch quests are only part of this game. The make up of Nier is a strange formula combining 4 parts hack n slash, 3 parts fetch quest, and 2 parts fishing and farming sim. Mixed together in a fun easy to digest game.
There are some really strange things going on here. The whole beginning segment left me scratching my head, in the first 10 min of play time I reached level 30, I thought my game was glitching. to my surprise it was only for the prologue. When the game actually started it all made sense, well sort of. I could probably over write this so here are some pro's & con's.

Pro's- great environmental graphics
- cool magic attacks
- unique story
- it has both 3D and 2D environments it reminds me only a little
of Chrono trigger
- good voice work & audio

Con's- repetitive quests
- you can level up but no skill points to add
- the main character looks like a old man with muscles
-fishing mini game is essential for some quests and can be
frustrating, though if you stick with it and practice you will get
better. ( do the sardine fishing quest and you level it up making
it much easier.)

Altogether Nier is a fun game One thing I must say is Nier could have been Final fantasy 13. I wonder why square didn't move in this direction before it's a refreshing change.

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Almost gave this an 8.

posted by Aradace (LANSING, MI) Aug 22, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

As the title implies, I ALMOST gave this game an 8. So, let's try and start this from the top shall we?

Story: I've only finished 2 of the 4 endings so far but this is one of the few stories in a game that actually made me feel for BOTH sides of the conflict. You wont really understand what I mean until you begin your second playthrough. All I'll say further on it is that the phrase that was marketed with this game "Nothing is as it seems" is VERY true.

Controls: Well thought out IMO...Not too hard to learn and not so easy that a toddler could do it. It all feels pretty "natural" and not as clunky as some of the other games Ive played with this similar control scheme.

Gameplay/Combat Engine: Not very original but it works for this game. X activates your sword attack, and Y Activates your currently selected weapon's "Special" attack. LT activates your guard, RT activates an evassive roll, and LB/RB activates your currently selected "spell". So yea, pretty basic combat engine but again, it works if you play it the way it was meant to be played (not just button mashing constantly) The spells are pretty cool looking and facilitate their rather well. "Dark Fist" and "Dark Lance" are my favorites and the latter will become one of your "bread and butter" spells.

The ONLY negative thing I have to say about this game (and the reason I gave it a 7 and not an 8) is the fishing system. The fishing system (if you want 100% quest completion) is one of the most integral parts of this game (Along with it's "fetch quests" so if you dont like fetch quests, dont bother with the game.). And because of this, you'd think that they'd have a better "tutorial" for it but the fact is, they dont. My advice, if you're having problems (as most people have including myself) either YouTube the tutorial video for the fishing or some other online guide because they are TONS more helpful than the shoddy ingame one.

Definately worth the rent to at least give it a shot

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GF Rating

Very Good

Back in the day when I was young, I'm not a kid a-

posted by 9planets (NORTH SMITHFIELD, RI) Aug 15, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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Yes, those are song lyrics from my misspent youth. And Nier kind of took me back there. It definitely contains elements from older Square and Capcom games (even a small side-scrolling section, made me feel like I was playing Strider for the NES). An endearing storyline, a hero that actually knows right from wrong and stands up for those too weak to fend for themselves, and it's actually FUN to play. I beat it on Medium and am working through it on Hard now- and I say this merely to underline that the magic hasn't worn off like so many other games seem to. I like the setting, poking into the past to figure out what went wrong where- Capcom's signature tell-a-story-with-memos working very well at keeping you wanting to find more.
I've played games with smoother combat, but it only seems to feel boggy or clunky in certain situations (i.e. near a doorway or corner). Many a time I wished for some faster way of transporting myself around Nier's world (with all the item gathering you'd think they'd sneak a warp whistle in there). And Kaine (don't bother replying with flamemail if you don't like what I'm about to say, it won't matter to me and it'll just raise your blood pressure- go play outside or something if it upsets you) has a foul mouth. I realize that that amounts to heresy in today's gaming world but I just don't think swearing or fountains of blood are a sign of creativity or "bold" thinking. While I liked her character's strength and obvious struggle between the good inside and the fear of the world that she felt, I think her dialogue could have used an overhaul. That's really all I found to complain about. Hope this review helped

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