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Now in my Top 3 games of All Time

posted by Kristoph_Gavin (TAYLORSVILLE, UT) Dec 3, 2014

Member since Dec 2014

Time for 100%: 62 hours (All Trophies/All endings)
Story/Design: One of the biggest overlooked things in this game is definitely the story. One of THE most touching/gripping stories I've seen in a game so far, it's centered around mostly 3-4 characters. As you play as the main character... well, you get to choose the name. And protect your daughter of the horrors of the world, and tag along with a sailor-mouthed hussy known as Kaine and a sweet boy named Emil. It's hard to tell what happens and why it's such a good story, when a lot of it would lead to spoilers, it's just one game you'd have to play to understand why the story in general is beyond underrated. Each character has an interesting story to tell, and have an amazing background to them that the game delves deep into and every moment of their past.
Design is honestly nothing TOO special, graphics are a bit bland, the landscapes aren't that interesting at certain times. But it's nothing against the game. A good example of graphics don't always make a game.
The music. Oh <3 The music! They hit the right notes at the right time and the choir/cathedral like voices just make every moment that more sad or amazing when fighting a boss or having an emotional moment. This is one of the biggest highlight of the games along with the story.

Gameplay/Mechanics: The gameplay is a simple 3rd person combat like RPG, upgrading weapons, leveling up etc. It's nothing too special, but honestly it's nothing horribly clunky, it all works well within the game engine and world. However, it does change from time to time. It could turn into a heart pounding rain of bullets, or be a novel section where you could spend 15-20 minutes just reading text against a black background that hooks you in till the end. It's a very unique experience at times.

There's much to enjoy about NieR, and much I can't tell. But if you're interested in a gripping story, lovely music, and a lot of sadness, NieR is for you.

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unexpectedly Amazing!

posted by cloud57501 (ARMSTRONG, IA) Nov 1, 2014

Member since Mar 2013

I have a hard time getting sucked into a game, especially action RPGS. But I have to give Square-Enix credit on this one! They blew my mind with the intense story, unique graphics and amazing gameplay! The unique and detailed characters are incredible! It's sexy, funny, sad and by the end, you can't wait to do it again! Not many games have a good replay ability. Voice acting was done pretty well, some jokes are dry, but once you hear them, they name sense. The only downside I have is it's a slow starting game, takes a few hours before you really get sucked in.

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Honestly one of my favorite PS3 games

posted by whtupyu (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Oct 10, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

This game is highly underrated, but i am happy enough with it achieving a cult classic statis. This game has a moving story with interesting albeit strange characters. Beautiful music, replay value and excellent gameplay.

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