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posted by brandon071 (REDDING, CA) Jun 26, 2010

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This game is good in its own way. You are a skilled swordsman who needs to save his daughter from a disease called the black scrawl. On your journey you meet a magical talking book called Grimwoire Weiss nicknamed Weiss which is your magical power throughout the game, he helps you find the cure for your daughter. The time during the game says it takes you about 2000 years before you find the cure but for some weird reason everyone is still alive. Its still very fun and exciting with some wild turns and changes throughout the game. Defineatly something you need to try.

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Great game...

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Apr 29, 2010

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The Videos almost made me not rent it, but I was bored anyway. The game is very fun. Nier has very strong game elements of a RPG, but not annoying like Demon Soul. The game has a very strong anime appeal to it, as of like movies directed by Hayao Miyazaki director of Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle.
Neir plays a lot like Dante's Inferno and Darksiders, but more like a RPG.

Based in the future, over 1000 years from now. The world is dieing, and the remaining population seek any refuge they can.. You play as a villager, named Nier. As a hired hand, Nier would work for many people doing risky jobs or any job that would grant him income to take care of his ill daughter. Nier finds himself with apart of something greater as he finds a talking book.

Nier is a great game, Square Enix has done a excellent job. I think the game would had a proper setting if Criware gave the game's cell shading a matte finish, which would have made a more anime appearance.
Regardless, the game is great and well rounded. Good graphics, sound, music, story. Nier is very open ended: giving you the freedom of doing side quests off the main story.

Many neat RPG elements...
Nier has a many different types of weapons you can buy or sell.
You are able to hunt and do various other things to get gold for buying things.
You become stronger as you acquire XP.
As you level up Nier learns how to do different skills.
You are able to select how you communicate with some people.
You can even fish!

The game has a lot of great features. It starts off slow but becomes fun very quick afterwords. Once you played for about 10 mins, Nier becomes very hard to put down. Nier is a definite try!.

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Better Then Expected

posted by Mike18 (TEMECULA, CA) Apr 30, 2010

Member since Sep 2006

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I originally rented Nier expecting a Demon Soul's knockoff. Luckily, I was way off. The story line is different yet not, kind of following the line of the Film Book of Eli. Pretty much the game takes place 1300 years in the future, when mankind has been desolated by plague, famine, war, and evil creatures know as shades.
The gameplay is much smoother then Demon Soul's, and nowhere near as aggravating. Your magic is cast from a floating book, which turned out adding an interesting feel to the game. After playing Darksiders and Dante's Inferno, it was nice to play a game of the like with some nice changes. Some other pieces of the game include the forging of weapons, cultivating plants in fields, fishing, and some intense boss battles. Gameplay is based on lots of blocking, evading, some sick magic abilities, and the obvious melee fighting.
That being said, the graphics are not up to par with the other ps3 games to date. I was very disappointed in that, and the fact that cut scenes are very lacking. There are a few spots I've come across in side quests where I literally had to sit through 5 text and reading. With all of the room on Blu-Ray, why in the world wouldn't they complete the experience with sick graphics and acceptable cut scenes.
Regardless of my complaints, Nier is the first game since Star Wars: Force Unleshed that I totally no-lifed, and plan to totally no-life it until I have children or die of old age. If your a fan of the genre, this is a must rent. Cheers

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