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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to beat Crocker

This may require one or two additional players. You will start on the lower level of the big wand (there are three levels) and have a large area to work with. When the fight starts, Crocker will be shooting Wish Stars that follow you. Hopefully by this you point you have upgraded Danny Phantom's Ghostly Wail to the highest level, as it is the most effective against Crocker. If you are playing with another player, have them use Timmy Turner because of his long range attack. However, make sure that you are always pointing at Crocker or you will lock onto the energy poles. Once you lock on to Crocker with Danny, he stays locked on as long as you keep the attack held. It is also helpful to have another player there to keep the Grunts off your back. After you drain Crocker's health, use Timmy's Freeze Glove to freeze an energy pole and use Danny to punch it. If you are fast, you may be able to get two. When you destroy the four poles, you will go up a level and must destroy four more. By this time, Crocker will start using the energy draining Wand Bombs and the Toy Bomb which turns you into a Grunt if you are hit. The last level is smaller than the first two, and the energy poles are harder to reach.

Defeat Crocker

When you're going in to defeat Crocker you're going to need two people. Have Danny Phantom be one person and have someone else be Timmy Turner. Have Danny do his ghostly wail on Crocker and also have Timmy fit Crocker with his clef boy chin. Wander out and fit Crocker until his life is gone, then have Timmy change to the freezeing power and freeze the poles. Then, have Danny hit them or Jimmy or Spongbob. Anybody can hit the poles and if you're fast then you'll be able to get two poles done. After you get all the poles your going to go on to two more levels up from the next level and it gets harder and harder so you need someone really good to go fast. It can be challenging but you can get though it.