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NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams


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If only it were a dream...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jun 7, 2008

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NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is Sega's way of showing Wii gamers how little they'll put into the console. The follow-up to a Sega Saturn game, NiGHTS would have likely gone into the annals of gaming history 10 years ago, but the company resurrected it.
Graphics come off quite well, with nicely rendered textures and character models. I wasn't thrilled with the voice work or the music, which sounds like trance music done with a Casio keyboard. Story... is also there.
The real problem with this game is the gameplay. You start levels as a couple of kids, who can run around and collect stuff for awhile. Then you jump into NiGHTS, the colorful jester whose soul powers are flying and making stardust circles around everything. Controls for this pseudo-2D side-scrolling flight action are too frustrating and sensitive. Just flying through a ring takes some getting used to.
Eventually, you'll face off against a boss, who can be beaten if you have a clue how to do that. Likely, you'll just try a bunch of stuff to no avail and time will run out. This kicks you back to the beginning of the level, not the boss battle. So, get prepared to recollect and refly the whole thing again... and again.
This game makes no sense, has no purpose and doesn't work properly. It's a frustrating, confusing mess that most gamers will easily forget inside a day. Why even bother?

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One of the worst Wii games so far

posted by Aureus (ELLICOTT CITY, MD) Mar 17, 2008

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First, let me start by saying that I could play this game for at most 30 seconds. The graphics were bad, think like somewhere inbetween late N64 and early GC bad. The control scheme is where this game truly hits the bottom of the barrel, however.

To say that the bad controls made the game unplayable would be a massive understatement. Trying to play with the wiimote as a pointer was entirely pointless. The cursor moved so badly that it made Red Steel seem like a well designed game. I had to put it down after about 5 seconds to laugh at how poorly the control scheme was executed.

Don't buy this game. Don't even rent this game. Pretend it never existed.

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The Overdue sequel

posted by Yehezkel (BONITA SPRINGS, FL) Dec 21, 2007

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Well I am one of the few that still has his saturn and has the original game... Playing this game lets me realize how much time Sega took on the original. The Saturn was known for being too difficult to make games... The Wii version, graphic wise (for a next gen system) is not great... But I like to judge a game based on the Fun factor not on the graphics... I am still playing the game but so far it is almost like playing the original... and I mean that in a good sense... but the main characters don't have that anime look that the originals had... I do like the fact that most of the characters have an english accent... even Nights. With the exception of the frame rate... this game has probably 4 times the game play that the original had... most of which is based on speed, where the original was based on a high score... aka the most links... Am I pleased... yes... another good point is the CGI... almost a new style... at first I thought it was 2D but it is just that sharp... looks like something from PIXAR. I am a huge SEGA... I have all the systems from the Master System to the Dreamcast... and this is why I chose the Wii... Can't wait for the possible Burning Rangers release... another original title from the Saturn looking to have new life on the Wii... the thing that would have been nice is to have a hidden game of the Original Nights into Dreams in the new release. For the reinvention of the game and the fun factor... I do give it a 10... Highly recommend it for the fans and the curious.

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