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Wanted to like it

posted by Jimbox114 (CHESAPEAKE, OH) Jan 8, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

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This was one of those games I really wanted to enjoy. Sadly this game comes up short in about every way.

First off there are alot of cut scenes in this game. Usually I am not one to complain about cut scenes but they are really just too much in this game. Also there are times you want to change into Nights in the starting area to look for secrets. Every single time you go to do this you are forced to go through the tutorial again.

Now I will talk about the Gameplay. Each stage has 5 missions that you have to do. The 1st mission is alot like the gameplay we loved from the 1st game. However the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mission is pretty much mini-games that are forced on you. These games range from anything and everything. This is where I start to lose faith in the game. I did not buy this game so I could push bubbles around or run through a really annoying maze, etc etc. These mini-games would have been fine as side missions but being required ruins the game IMO. The 5th mission is to fight the boss again only this fight is more difficult then the first. The boss fights are pretty interesting and offer a good amount of challenge. But basically in my opinion the 1st and 5th missions are really the only "FUN" missions. The rest is just annoying time sinks to fill voids in the game.

Graphics wise there isn't much to talk about. Like many Wii games this title looks like it could have just about been on the PS2. The character animations look like they was poorly done and you can even see jagged edges around them.

Story wise it is pretty lame. It almost feels like they made the game and at the last minute put together a story to fill in between the stages. Also the voice overs probably could have just been left out. Nights sounds like a British women but is often referred to as a he.

All in all this game is a huge let down. IF you didn't play the first game don't even waste your time on this game. If you enjoyed the first one you might try this one.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Poor Score Undeserved, AGAIN!

posted by wdwyer (LAKE ARIEL, PA) Apr 24, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

Something has got to give. Once again, a game falls to the absolute extremes of unbalanced ratings here at Gamefly. I see all too often here, good games that get bad ratings, and I have the perfect example. NIGHTS: Journey of Dreams is a good game, the best? No. But far from the current 5.1 rating users here seem to think it.

I have noticed a trend here at Gamefly. Two games can be so much alike, yet if one has a popular character, the ratings are better. Case in point. NIGHTS and SUPER MARIO GALAXY. Go on look for yourself. Both games generally have the same gameplay & controls. Pretty much the same objectives. Graphics do not standout on either title. Yet one is called "the first must buy game of the Wii." And the other is called "clumbsy and the difficulty of the missions are unbalanced".

There are 2 differences between these games. TWO. SMG is generally a free roaming game (Which means, outside of flying, you can go anywhere you want within the boundary of the game). NIGHTS has a set course by which you can freely roam (Which means your free to fly about the screen in any direction, but you can't deviate from a set path around the world).

The other is obvious. As a character, Mario is SO much more popular than NIGHTS. That is undisputable.

Yet if both games generally play the same way. Why is NIGHTS sitting at a current 5.1 and Mario at a current 8.8?

It's a popular vote...nothing more.

I picked each game up, and played through them. I could immediately see how to use the controls, as well as, whatever resemblance of a rehashed story each has. It's not rocket science.

They both have their flaws, and both have their strengths. NIGHTS is undeserving of the low rating. It's not a 10, yet neither is SMG. You start to wonder if these people who are giving these low ratings actually play the games through. How can you trust a review based on 5 minutes or a day of gameplay? Trust a reviewer who PLAYS through a game. NIGHTS is not a bad game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Interesting Fantasy Worth the Journey

posted by Morwii (HOWELL, MI) Dec 28, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

13 out of 16 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

I've never played the original NiGHTS; but this game had some creative and fun moments that made NiGHTS worth while.

Some of the levels are a little cheesy, but the overall game play is an imaginative and fun land that sucks you in and keeps you there for hours.

The controls were also a little difficult to learn, instead of going forward when you tilt the controller up as NiGHTS, it takes you soaring upward into the sky. This made for a difficult learning curve, but once I used the yellow rings and surrounding creatures as a guide, the game became infectious and fun.

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