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Not what I was hoping for.

posted by ObsidianJ (GRAND PRAIRIE, TX) Dec 31, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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I need to start out by saying I am a huge fan of the original Nights. I've been looking forward to this game for years, but I must sadly say it does not live up to my expectations.

The game isn't bad, but it is definitely not an improvement over its predecessor. The only thing that's better are the graphics. I even went back and played to original. The level design, speed, control, music, everything was just smoother and more polished.

The graphics and music are serviceable, but after Nintendo's big three of Mario, Metroid, and Zelda, there is no excuse. Last gen technology or no, the Wii can do better.

The biggest complaint is the gameplay. The original had a fast arcadey feel that encouraged replaying to perfect your lines. This one has a slow tedious mission based structure designed to glean extra playing time out of a game that should take no more than an hour to complete. I know that a short playtime is poison in today's industry, but that's what made the original so good; everything was distilled to its simplest most fun form.

I know the designers wanted to do something different, so they wouldn't be giving us the same game from ten years ago, but they took two steps backwards and none forward.

Control-wise, don't even try to use the wiimote controls. Either go with Nunchuck controls, or just use the Classic or Gamecube controller if you have one.

The game isn't broken despite my negativity. It works. There are no glitches and there is enjoyment to be had. Fans of the original, however, prepare to be disappointed. New gamers, knock yourselves out, but this is not what us old hats have been screaming about for the past ten years.

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No Night-related pun from me.

posted by edzoologis (ALEXANDRIA, KY) Aug 1, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game was excellent. It really had the feel of being in a dream world. It looked excellent, the controls were great, and the music was awesome. The only thing that keeps this game from being a perfect ten is the voice-acting. NiGHTS, Owl, and Reala's voices are excellent, Wizeman and Will's voices are O.K., but Helens voice is the worst. Helen was unbearable too listen too, and she was one of the main characters. If she was a minor character, it would be a perfect ten. But she has her own scenario. But, other than her, this game is amazing. I would actually say buy it, not rent it.

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Kid Stuff

posted by AnimeGamer (EUGENE, OR) Apr 5, 2008

Member since Apr 2006

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What is all the fuss about? Okay I havent played the heralded original but this game disappointed me, with a story straight out of a primetime children`s TV show and characters to match. A sub 3D playscape and repetitive gemeplay. The first 2 boss fights are creative in a cirque de soleil sort of way, but arent enough to hold a mature gamer`s interest long enough. After an hour and a half of Harry Potter rejects I had no intention to play as a British rich boy anymore. Baby stuff.

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