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Not for adults

posted by Karlax (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Jan 31, 2013

Member since Apr 2006

12 out of 23 gamers (52%) found this review helpful

Despite what you'll hear from the thousands of screeching fanboys out there, to any other adult gamers out there (I'm 31), this game is frustratingly childish, to such a degree that I had to give it up about 10 hours into it, something I almost NEVER do.

I'm a big fan of RPGs, even JRPGs, but this game makes it impossible for an adult to take seriously. There is fantastic visuals and animation, to be sure; the cut scenes are essentially Miyazaki movies, and the graphics are first rate. The world is large and diverse, and extremely detailed, with a lot of nice little touches.

But you can only play a game so long that actually where your main character actually says things like "Gee Wilickers, Mr. Drippy!" non-ironically. Every character is so cutesy and cornball as to defy belief; every character hits you with a "friendship makes anything possible" and "you can do it if you try your best!" 20 times a conversation. Every monster, too, is basically either a Kirby-like marshmallow or looks like steamboat willie.

I was a huge fan of Dragonquest VII, which while having a "childlike" art style, still had some mature themes. Not so here. A real shame, I really wanted to like it. Maybe it gets fantastic at hour 11 and I'm missing out, but I doubt it. Every real critic's review mentions that the plot is basically garbage, and that definitely seems the case to me.

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posted by mistawolf (LAWRENCE, KS) Jul 30, 2013

Member since May 2009

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Iv fallen asleep multiple times playing this game, its just utterly BORING! I think i'v warn off the X button's X due to all the worthless information and boring childish dialog. The spelling errors are tolerable but the lack of fun isn't!

-Battle system (if you can ever get to it) Is so stupid! making it Real Time was a bad idea it should of been turn based so that you could actually make it fun! oh and here's a tip - the only time you block is on boss fights if you waste your time blocking on trash mobs your an idiot.

-Trash mob's spawn rates are way to high, you cant even turn around after you take out something the last thing you battled is already back up and behind you running around. so getting though an area and checking every spot is very time consuming (yet it forces you to lvl up)

-MP is wasted in battles to get the stuff over with and then when you need it for story line stuff or to heal yourself out of battle you have to find a save spot to get it back or lvl up. so tip - keep mana pots on you at ALL TIMES or you will hate this game so much.

-visuals. It really isn't that bad I liked the kid like drawings and etc.

-The amount of chat that pops up on your screen and they couldn't do a little voice acting drives me nut's. I think if it was on a Gameboy I wouldn't be as disappointed with it but its on a ps3 and for the amount of text I was required to read I would figure why not just give the game to me in book format.

I cant honestly say I had fun or if I enjoyed this game at all let alone recommend it, so just take heed to my tips.
-mana pots all times
-bring plenty of coffee before you start you will need it
-set your ps3 to never shut off or your you will fall asleep and forget to save and have to do that boss fight all over again.

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Adults Looking at this Game

posted by cwestbrook5309 (ATLANTA, GA) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game was fantastic for me (23M). However, there are a few things an adult needs to know before going into this game. The story, game-play, and musical score are all extremely engaging and you can have an amazing experience, yet this can only be had if you drop all cynicism before playing. There are dialogues and cut scenes that are almost painfully childish. As an adult, this can really pull you out of a game and it has for me before. I essentially just convinced myself that I was playing a video game form of a Disney movie and was able to enjoy myself quite a lot. In summation, if you can drop the adult cynicism and just enjoy a Disney-esque adventure, then I could not recommend this game more. However if strong, preteen themes and dialogues are too too much for you, then do not waste your time on this game.

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