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posted by LrDUltimte (AUSTIN, TX) Feb 15, 2013

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8 out of 14 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

I love RPGs... I love anime... so this should have been a slam dunk for me.

Ni No Kuni is a beautiful game, the visuals and the audio are spectacular. The story seems interesting too. So why do i feel disappointed?

Its the terrible gameplay. It's also the terrible characters (except the Lord High Lord of the fairies...) Oliver is one of the most dull characters i have ever seen! The story drags on way too long to get interested in... Kinda like FFXIII

The combat is a juggling act of flipping through commands while watching your familiar's stamina meter while avoiding getting clobbered by cute but horrifyingly tough monsters while trying to catch one of the said monsters while trying to revive your imbecile team mates while hoping that Flippy would drop some glims already!!!

Its frustrating, boring and disappointing.

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Delightful story!

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Jan 26, 2013

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5 out of 9 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

Very E rated this game is... But fun for anyone -- If you enjoy stories as this. The game reminded me of the movie "Spirited Away" . I'm not sure if it was written by the same author, but it still had much resemblance of that show.
The game interface will remind you of Final Fantasy. The simplistic nature of controls fits well for the title, but I still would have preferred a "Zelda-like" interface that could have you switching characters out.

The story is a very rich debt and enlightening tale.

In a world parallel to ours--where magic is still alive--a great darkness has stricken the soul of everyone. Stealing fragments of people's life force and killing anyone who opposes him, this inflicted evil is cast by one who is called Shadar .
There is one who can end the reign of that evil... Known as "the pure-hearted one", Oliver.

This game has one very long tutorial, but you wont notice that the first hour of the game is the tutorial. Until you have unlocked all of the menu items in the game... You have not seen what the game or story has to offer.

I'm not a big role-scenario type gamer that likes to sit and press a button and let the game fight itself. But I like these type of stories and its a good break from the western gaming & story routine. Eastern cultures still bring delightful folklore to the table so often and its a very rare thing to see new folklore.

Its a great time killer and fun story. Playing on Normal difficulty is pretty useless. Level5 placed a lot of work in all the game elements and it fits well in all instances.
If you like a very clever story or folklore... If you liked Final Fantasy... You would definitely find this game amusing.

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Above Average

Not for adults

posted by Karlax (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Jan 31, 2013

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Despite what you'll hear from the thousands of screeching fanboys out there, to any other adult gamers out there (I'm 31), this game is frustratingly childish, to such a degree that I had to give it up about 10 hours into it, something I almost NEVER do.

I'm a big fan of RPGs, even JRPGs, but this game makes it impossible for an adult to take seriously. There is fantastic visuals and animation, to be sure; the cut scenes are essentially Miyazaki movies, and the graphics are first rate. The world is large and diverse, and extremely detailed, with a lot of nice little touches.

But you can only play a game so long that actually where your main character actually says things like "Gee Wilickers, Mr. Drippy!" non-ironically. Every character is so cutesy and cornball as to defy belief; every character hits you with a "friendship makes anything possible" and "you can do it if you try your best!" 20 times a conversation. Every monster, too, is basically either a Kirby-like marshmallow or looks like steamboat willie.

I was a huge fan of Dragonquest VII, which while having a "childlike" art style, still had some mature themes. Not so here. A real shame, I really wanted to like it. Maybe it gets fantastic at hour 11 and I'm missing out, but I doubt it. Every real critic's review mentions that the plot is basically garbage, and that definitely seems the case to me.

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