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A Wondrous Journey!

posted by mrkatamari (HYNDMAN, PA) Feb 17, 2013

Member since Oct 2008

The magic of Studio Ghibli and the masterful skill of Level 5 have come together to make a masterpiece in: Ni No Kuni.

The game combines old school RPG roots (level grinding, an overworld map, a pure but interesting story) with new conventions and amazing graphics and visual flare. (Not to mention the amazing orchestral soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi.)

Gameplay is split between battle and exploration. While the exploration is basic and rather lite on puzzles, it is visually stunning and exciting. Battle is in real time, mixing action gameplay with some typical RPG elements. Catching, leveling up, and evolving creatures is the main focus of the game. As your journey progresses, you'll have to continue to add new monsters to your team and use them in a variety of ways to ensure victory. While the game's themes and exploration are fine for all ages, the battles can be a bit difficult for younger children even on the easier mode. For older players this is fine, and even encouraged, but it is worth mentioning.

Overall this is a gem of a game, and everyone of all ages should play and enjoy it.

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A wonderful and enchanting experience for all ages

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Feb 15, 2013

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2008

Ni no Kuni-Wrath of the White Witch is one of those rare, wonderful gems that comes along and makes you remember why you enjoy gaming so much. The plot following Oliver in his travels to try and save his mother is a simple one, and yet there are plenty of twists and turns that keep things fresh. Visually, this game is stunning, thanks to Studio Ghibli, one of the best animation studios in the world. Add to that a terrific voice cast and an excellent musical score and you truly have a magical experience. Gameplay is simple enough for anyone to jump in and have fun, and yet complex enough for more nuanced gamers to delve into. Capturing familiars and playing around with them adds an extra layer to things, and it's hard not to try them all, though you're bound to find favorites. The game has plenty to do in addition to the main story quests, and you're going to need to tackle the side quests to help you prepare for some tough boss battles later in the game. It's easy to switch your familiars on the fly in combat as well as switch between party members, and in those later fights you'll often need to switch things up. While you can blow through the main story in 40-50 hours, doing the sidequests and leveling will more likely take you closer to 80. Once the main story is done, there's still plenty of game left, as you return to the world with quests that only open up after the final battle. It's not completely perfect- some dungeons have long stretches between save points (though you can save any time in the open world), and there's a lot of text to read through, as the game isn't fully voiced. But these are very minor quibbles and don't detract from the overall experience. If you absolutely hate JRPGs I'm not sure this will change your mind, but I'd still say at least give it a shot. For fans of these type of games it's a must play, and for many it'll be a must own. It's a bit early in the year to proclaim it GOTY, but it's definitely a contender. An absolute joy.

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A game you will remember

posted by Hey2thezeus (DUNKIRK, NY) Feb 14, 2013

Member since Jan 2012

Wether you're collecting familiars, exploring the world , or battling monsters it's always fun. You never feel like you're not advancing your character or story, everything you do contributes and helps you on your journey. Doing side missions like errands and bounty hunts is not only fun but gives your character rewards/new skills.

The game looks great and the music really adds to the overall feel of the game. I didn't really have problems beating any of the bosses, but that's because I did every bounty hunt and errand because they were so fun.Learning new spell is fun and having to look in your spell book for a recipe really felt like I was part of the character and the game.

This game deserves all the praise and attention is getting, I had so much fun and the only thing I didn't like was that my journey came to an end.
Don't pass this game up its something you have to experience and a game you will remember this is a masterpiece.

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