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Great untill I realized I was playing pokemon

posted by Johnwooninja (STONY CREEK, NY) Mar 22, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Pros: This game has a good story
The anime cutscenes and graphics in general are awesome

Cons: Way to many cut scenes that didn't have anything to do with the gameplay or story
The dialog was painfully childish
The combat is all about using your pokemon (familiars) pokemon trainers (humans) do very little in combat
The texted dialog dosn't display well on sdtv's
The sidequests are repetative fetch quests
The accents of characters change durring certain cutscenes

Notes: I would of liked this game a whole lot better on a handheld it was a good JRPG. If the gameplay wasn't a ripoff of pokemon or would have been on a handheld it would deserve a rating higher then a 7.

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The greatest, most complete RPG Ive ever played.

posted by XTopherGuarino (ROCHESTER, NY) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

I love it so much! Every time I start a new game with extra quests and treasures to find, I say, "Im going to do everything!" Then, before long, I tire, finish the game and feel I wasted all the time starting with all the extra stuff.
Not with this game. You actually NEED to do all the ancillary to be strong enough to play through. On top of that, you maintain you interest to do so! They're spread out and all different enough to keep you entrained.
The story is sweet and exciting, battle is fantastic, fun and just challenging enough so your never frustrated or bored.

I has the childlike fanaticism with an adult challenge that I have not seen done properly outside of the modern Zelda series.

If you like long RPG's that you get lost in for weeks and do not need real militant weaponry and battle tactics, this game is for you!

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Must Play RPG for 2013!

posted by Orein (SOMERS POINT, NJ) Mar 18, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

I was very excited to get this game and it did not disappoint me. The story line was well written and it has the feel of walking through an anime. Studio Ghibli did an amazing job bringing this game, its characters, and the world it takes place in to life for me. It is very easy to find yourself immersed in this game for several hours without even realizing it.

-Amazing Graphics(especially if your using HDMI)
-Excellent Soundtrack
-Memorable Characters and Story
-Fun Gameplay
-Interesting Battle System
-I was never really bored even when grinding.

-Not really a CON as much as warning. As with tradition RPGs you can find yourself underleveled quickly if you don't spend time to level.... and re-level your familiars.

-I found myself wishing the evolution of the familiars was a bit more... unique


My CONs are just me nitpicking. If you like RPGs and Studio Ghibli, don't debate and rent this game. This is a must pick up for the PS3 for 2013. Bonus points if you pick up the references to other Studio Ghibli works as your playing.

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