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Beautifully presented story, but not much else

posted by Existence (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Mar 25, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

I love RPGs, I really do. Ni No Kuni certainly feels like a bit of a throwback to older generations with its animation, and I wish we had more of it.

Studio Ghibli presents this game in a manner much like their movies some may be familiar with (Howl's Moving Castle, Secret World of Arrietty). Playing a child as the main character may deter some, but I felt it doesn't really change much; if you can ignore that, I felt the story was pretty similar to most other RPGs, albeit slightly convoluted at times. It's how they presented it with the stunning animation and quirky characters that I enjoyed the most.

Unfortunately, I felt they didn't do a very good job designing combat. It's an interesting blend between real-time combat and turn-based; you can move freely about the battle field but there are timers on your actions. Your ultimate party consists of 3 members, but you can only manually control 1 at a time, and the AI controls the others.

It's the AI intelligence that really hinders combat; most of the time they seem very confused at what to do. I have seen the AI literally stand and stare at any enemy while I do all the work. It's not efficient whatsoever at using MP (and using MP is the main function of combat) and they generally use up all their mana within a few battles.

Speaking of battles, expect to see a lot of combat. Combat is initiated while making contact with an enemy on the field, and most areas are littered with enemies. Enemies also respawn fairly quickly (less than a minute I estimate). Dungeons are fairly linear and usually consist of narrow corridors, making it hard to avoid battles. The plus side is that if you are at the right level, most battles only take about a minute, and if you are overleveled things will run away from you on the field, allowing you to avoid contact.

Overall, it's a good game, but combat seems to drag it down a lot. It is fairly long (~40+ hours) and the platinum is not too difficult, if you can tolerate the AI

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One of My Favorite Games I've Ever Played

posted by ModernAlchemist (CARLSBAD, CA) Mar 23, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Think Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli movies (i.e. Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away) meet Zelda meet pokemon. Ni No Kuni takes from all of these sources and blends them into a magical adventure that you won't forget. Everything from the settings to the music (by my favorite composer, Joe Hisaishi) to the magic to the familiars (this game's version of pokemon) to the puzzles. This game has so much in it that you'll be 30 hours in and feel like you haven't even scratched the surface. The only other series that moves me to the degree that Ni No Kuni did is Zelda. It's everything I wanted it to be and more.

If the idea of Zelda and pokemon mixed intrigues you at all, you will LOVE this game!

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Great untill I realized I was playing pokemon

posted by Johnwooninja (STONY CREEK, NY) Mar 22, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Pros: This game has a good story
The anime cutscenes and graphics in general are awesome

Cons: Way to many cut scenes that didn't have anything to do with the gameplay or story
The dialog was painfully childish
The combat is all about using your pokemon (familiars) pokemon trainers (humans) do very little in combat
The texted dialog dosn't display well on sdtv's
The sidequests are repetative fetch quests
The accents of characters change durring certain cutscenes

Notes: I would of liked this game a whole lot better on a handheld it was a good JRPG. If the gameplay wasn't a ripoff of pokemon or would have been on a handheld it would deserve a rating higher then a 7.

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