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posted by Easton99 (YUCAIPA, CA) Feb 6, 2014

Member since May 2007

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A little kids game disguised as an RPG. Annoying and predictable characters, and almost insulting level of voice acting. If you love Final Fantasy, you may like this one. If you prefer Skyrim style RPG's this will disappoint.

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Decent but brings nothing new to the table

posted by SDAnimefan (SAN DIEGO, CA) Mar 26, 2013

Member since May 2005

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Ni No Kuni deals with the mature theme of the death of a young boy's mother. Oliver is the main character that travels to an alternate world in hopes of bringing his mother back to life while saving the alternate world from destruction.

These concepts are nothing new to RPG's and Ni No Kuni does nothing to add to the genre. At its core, you will be grinding for countless hours and enduring countless pages of text because the developers have not learned the art of subtly. The repetitive dialogue becomes such a nuisance that it will ultimately frustrate players and you will find yourself mashing buttons just to get through it.

The saving grace for this particular RPG is its stylized format. The animation is breath-taking, the colors are bold and vivid and the voice dialogue although at times awkward lends a human element that will eventually draw the player in.

Game play is typically the same; battle after battle, boss after boss, find the treasure, level up, buy new equipment, talk to towns people, go on quests, etc...

On the whole it is a decent game with stunning graphics but the over abundance of text dialogue, repetitive action, typical grinding and familiar plot make Ni No Kuni a definite rent with an option to buy when it seriously decreases in value.

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Ni No Excuse. PLAY THIS.

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Jan 27, 2013

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There simply isn't enough games like this around. Eternal Sonata was great, but not very well known, kinda cheesey and fairly early in this generations life cycle. Then came along Tales of Graces which was a great, legit RPG, but too anime-y and didn't quite give that 'next gen' feel, but still, a solid JRPG experience. Valkyria Chronicles was another great RPG, but a very unique and different experience, not at all like these games.

This however... this is it. This IS the experience we've all been waiting for since DragonQuest VIII, since Rogue Galaxy, since FFX and FFXII. This is the JRPG that we've been waiting to experience on a PS3. Not White Knight, not FFXIII. THIS.

You need to play this. The story is great, and has a lot of deep layers. The characters are good. It's rare to be playing as a kid and not having being a blubbering, childish whiney moron and instead, get a smart, brave, motivated kid who fulfills all the requirements of a young hero.

Gameplay/combat is all cool too but I especially love all the small side quests, caring for my Familiars and a lot of the little things that make up the whole of them game. The graphics are of course, very pretty.

My only gripe is the game can't seem to make up it's mind when it wants to do voice overs. There's animated cinema scenes (which are choppy, Japanese people animated, ha!) there's cut scenes, and there's OTHER cut scenes with NO dialogue, and then there's just in game conversations, which of course don't have dialogue. It's just a little inconsistent. But when there are voices, they're great.

This is a great experience and you owe it to yourself to play it.

So do it.

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