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we missed you mario!

posted by liukangx (CANAL WINCHESTER, OH) May 26, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

now i have been a mario fan since i was 3 years old and have never got tired as playing as the plumber, in this case i still don't!! mario returns in this very good remake of the original nes mario really had me going after seeing it at 2004s e3 and when i rented this from gamefly i was just amazed at what this game had. you might get stuck in tight spots but you will figure out how to get out, and like always in a mario game the 8th world will be the hardest.

and just because you completed the game doesn't mean you COMPLETED it there is still those 3 special coins in each level for you to collect and the special exits and short cuts for you to find to keep you occupied until you are completely done with this game. there is also a code in which you can play as luigi in story mode (hold l and r and push a on a save file used or un-used to play as him)

this game also adds a fun multiplayer in which you have 1v1 mario vs luigi or multiplayer 4 player. and mini games for single play

anyways i give this game a perfect flawless solid 10 out of 10

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Awesome game!

posted by icytower (NOVI, MI) May 26, 2006

Member since Feb 2004

This is probably the BEST idea Nintendo has had for a DS game. The 2-D side scrolling really blends nicely with the 3-D graphics. I would say that the only major downside is that you can not save at any point in the game, that can get a bit frustrating. That being said you can close your system in mid game and have it shut off and save battery life. Fans of the original Super Mario Bros. should at least give this a go. Very few flaws in the game and its not perfect so that gives this game a 9 out of 10 in my book.

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Proof that a game can be to fun.

posted by RydelB (TUCSON, AZ) May 21, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

Not to say that New Super Mario Brothers is perfect, it still has it's flaws, however considering that in the 60 or so hours since this arrived from gamefly i have put in an estimated 20-30 hours of gameplay, beaten all 80 levels, and collected 220/240 (about 92%) of the star coins and i'm only starting to get bored goes to show that despite what flaws it may have it's still entirly to much fun.

Basically New super Mario Brothers is a kickback to the the origanal Super Mario Brothers, from it's 2-d game play to the fact that you'll only ever see the murshroom and fire-flower powerups on a regular basis despite a total of 6 different powerups.

Basically the story is that Baby bowser has kidnapped princess peach and mario must trek across the mushroom kingdom and beyond to save her. Expect lots of running and jumping along the way. basically the way a 2-D mario game should be.

Althouhg Mario has adopted some new moves from his 3-D adventures (the but slam, wall jump, and running/triple jump) they really don't change the gameplay to much from the old school mario games unless you're trying to get all the star coins and secret esits.

The only problem with this game is the new powerups. Althouhg they are well balanced in general and fu to use, the availability leaves a few issues:
basically in the case of the blue shell and min mushroom, you'll need these for various secret exits and star coins but coming upon them is dictated almost purely by luck and the chances to get them is rare. The Mega mushroom presnets diffrent problems in that with a little creative thought and the fact that "Mega houses" exist throught the land to provide a mega mushroom in your back up itme slot can lead to a lack of difficulty, for example using a stored mega mushroom in a boss room can lead to an easy 1-hit KO.

All in all thouhg it's otherwise perfect, albeit short unless you go fro the extras. reveling in it's old school style and appeal this game will leave you happy for long.

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