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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Getting to world 5 with the world 1 mini-castle

i'm not sure if this cheat works,in the mini-castle from world 1, at the place where you get the second star, you can see a little gap that dosen't get squished in the upper-right corner. go in there and hit the invisible 1-up blocks that leads you into the wrap pipe that leads you to world 5 . Sorry for you if it dosen't work because i really think it works for yours because it did on mine.

Secret way out in world 5

Go through the green pipe and it shoud be the first one you see it will take you under ground. Keep going until there is a gap, then jump onto the next platform and the next one again and the next one again. Go past the blue bats (you can kill them if you want) go past the pipes (and be careful killing flowers come out every now and again). Keep going on to the next platform, keep going go past the blue bats again (you can kill them if you want), keep going onto the next platform and the next one under all the blue blocks. Then on the ceiling above the ice there is a pipe. Go up the pipe and be careful a killing flower comes out. Keep going when you get up and jump on the red flag then you're done.

World 1-4: Mini Mario Tunnel.

In the level about 1/3 through there should be a flying Koopa, Kill the Koopa and jump on the ? box. You should get a mini mushroom, now get it. you will be micro mario! now go back to the mini tunnel and go through it. And you will be in a secret room.

Dancing opponents

Pay close attention to the monsters in any level. Notice that they will do some sort of dance or jump when the chorus in the background music sings. This does not include flying enemies, Bullet and Banzai Bills, and Bosses.

Giant Luigi

Go to Toad Town dojo west and get a mushroom. Throw it at Luigi and he will become very big. Also if use on yourself, you will get bigger than Luigi and so on.

Easy Blue Shell

Go inside a red mushroom house. When Toadsworth makes the roulette block appear immediately dash to the end of the roulette block. Without stopping, jump at the end of it to get a Blue Shell. REMEMBER: This requires timing and practice.

World 1-1: Easy lives

When you hit the "?" block containing the Mega Mario Mushroom, run as fast as possible to the end of the level and smash everything in sight. If you crash all the way through to the flagpole, you can earn up to five 1-Up Mushrooms and run your total number of lives up quickly.

World 2-4: Easy lives

There is a Koopa Troopa coming down the stairs at the end of the level. Stand on the block in front of the one the Troopa is on and jump up so that you jump on him. Do not press any buttons and let Mario continue to jump on him. After gaining the 1,000 points, you will start to get extra lives. Let it continue until you get the maximum number of 99 lives.

World 3: Get past electric balls as Mini Mario in Bowser's Castle

First, use the middle green pipe to be shot up. Hold Up to climb and jump up until you reach the four electric balls that block your path. Go under the bottom one. You will soon be standing on top of a vertical wall. Hold X, run right, then perform Wall Kicks (face a direction and press A) all the way up the two walls until you can press Up to climb on the mesh again.

World 8: Defeating Baby Bowser and Boswer

Before entering the castle, enter an orange mushroom house and keep the Mega Mushroom you receive. Enter the castle and do not use the mushroom until the boss Battle. As soon as you can move again, tap the mushroom and grab it. As Giant Mario, simply run into Baby and King Bowser and both will be defeated. You can get the satisfaction of revenge for all of the times in the past that you ran into them and died.

Avoiding Blockhopper

On levels such as World 2-5, if a "?" box doesn't have a spinning "?", it is an enemy called a Blockhopper.

Control credits screen

At the credits screen, use the touch screen to move the letters and hear sound effects from the game.

Extra lives

Collect 100 Gold Coins to earn Mario an extra life.

Extra lives

At the end of a stage, jump up and land on top of the flagpole to earn an extra life.