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It’s Mario – only shorter and more hectic

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 28, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

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With the big success of the game Super Mario Brothes on the WiiU, there was going to be a sequel.
Well, sort of.
In New Super Luigi U, you get 80 more levels that feel like the original levels shrunk down by at least half.
And with good reason, too. Your time limit is 100 seconds per level – and another 100 seconds for the boss fights. The game will take much less time to get through than the original – which is probably why they put a $20 price tag on this game.
But what’s also clear is the jumps in this game are just as hard as the original – or even tougher. Even with the addition of Nabbit – the guy who can’t be defeated by other enemies – it may be a tough time getting through those jumps. This game can get so frustrating that some players will end up throwing their controllers at the screen.
New Super Luigi U is one game that beginners should not try – until after they spend some time with the original Super Mario Brothers U game.
But if you just want more of Super Mario Brothers U, then this is your game. More levels, more multiplayer mayhem (there are up to five characters on screen at the same time instead of the four in the original), and the same great powerups that were in the original are on display here – just in a speeded up version.
New Super Luigi U is one game that a definite rent – and fans of the genre should have little trouble paying up the $20 to buy the game.

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Even better than NSMBU

posted by Rhino47 (WYOMING, MI) Aug 25, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

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The levels are much more bite-sized, only giving you 100 seconds to beat each level, but that's what makes it so fun. Hectic, chaotic, absolute fun. The fact that Nabbit can't get hurt by running into enemies adds to the chaos, not only allowing less experienced players to enjoy, but allowing experienced players to mess with their buddies. I can't even describe how much fun I've had with this game. Nintendo platforming at it's finest. Long live Luigi!

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Kind of A Disappointment.......

posted by JB7266 (LEBANON, TN) Sep 5, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

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I can't believe I'm writing a bad review on a Mario game, but here it is. I played the Super Mario U completely through and loved it, then I turned around and got this. I honestly felt like the levels were the exact same, just a little shorter because you only have 100 seconds to complete each course. They are so fast it isn't even like playing them, you are just running through each course.

I feel like this was a waste of a rental from GameFly, but I am glad I didn't purchase this game! Even if it is only 20.00, I could see where some people might feel like they got ripped off if you purchased this and Mario U. Just my thoughts, and I'm really disappointed that the Mario developers came out with this, as I have LOVED every game they have put out....until now.

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