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posted by wlanedbz (HATTIESBURG, MS) Nov 22, 2012

Member since Jan 2011

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is a very funny, story driven 3rd person shooter/Hack and Slash game. The main character cannot die, and the story is about both his past and future. You will rip your head and limbs off, to use to solve puzzles. Like rolling your head through heating vents to reach new places, etc. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive, but honestly, what game doesnt? Again, the humor in this game is the best selling point to me. Get this game for the story, not for the gameplay (even though the gameplay is not sub par).

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Very, very, very repetitive..

posted by Sweedie (MOUNT PLEASANT, SC) Jan 31, 2012

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Member since Jun 2011

29 out of 41 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

The game is different than most other games out there, and it is quite unique, but I'm afraid thats the only good part about this game...

You play as the 500 year immortal Bryce who got cursed with immortality after trying to kill a demon, and his wife got killed in the process as well. Although Bryce cant be killed, he can lose his legs, arms, and get his head detached from the body and the you'll just have to get your body parts back. This idea was funny the first time, but when it it happens over and over, and over...and over again, it just gets annoying and boring. You can actually get a game over, but that is easily stopped by doing a easy quick time event.

The game does look good though, and it runs smooth, but its very repetitive and just boring. It does have a co-op mode, but if you are looking for some 3rd person co-op action there is plenty of better titles of better titles out there like gears 3. The enemies your fight are pretty much the same through the entire experience, until the end of the game where they switch it up a little bit.

-It looks good
- it runs smooth
-its a different type of game and introduces you to some new stuff we haven't seen before. You will also have a lightly dressed companion with you throughout the game which pretty much just is there so that u can harass her.

- Repetitive gameplay
- Boring gameplay
- Weak storyline
- Pretty bad dialogue
- does bring new things, but nothing fun to the table.
- Big disappointment after being under production for a while now.

Don't buy it, don't rent it because this is one of those games you want to stay away from. Im sure some people out there may like it, but i bet most of you wont, so listen to my advice and don't make the mistake i did renting this game.

4,5 out of 10 toasts

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Very Good


posted by Buzznerd (LAS VEGAS, NV) Mar 25, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I see alot of people gave this game bad reviews, but in all actuality, it wasn't that bad of a game. It introduced a new type of game play, not without bugs of course. The changing of the weapons when you respawn goes to guns by default. Not so cool. They could have spent a little more time on the cutting room floor cleaning everything up a bit more. Overall I liked it!!!

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