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Bizarre and funny.

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Feb 1, 2012

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NeverDead is a very unique game in its own, very odd--with the ability of playing as a severed head rolling around on the ground--you may also find this game is very unique and fun. Very easy and arcade like... The title is straight-forward from the get-go. Easy to control; easy to play; easy to understand the concept of the game. Konami has made a, simply fun to play game that has a very different approach inside the game concept; to lose all of your limbs while fighting hordes of enemies and regenerate or reattach the limbs. You will also hear funny slanders about falling apart, throughout the game.
Playing as a third-person shooter... The game's genre comedial-horror reminded me of another funny approach with demons. The game titled "Shadows of the Damned". These two games have good similarity, and if you liked Shadows of the Damned you would enjoy this title, just as much.

You play as part of the Demon Hunter named Bryce Boltzman's tale.
Bryce Boltzman is a Demon Hunter of the present times, from 500 generations before... Cursed to being a half Demon, Bryce Boltzman can not die, he lives his life in search for the Demon that placed him inside the curse.

The game is very fun to play. The graphics are very state-of-the-art, with great particle engines, great detail, great animation... Greatly done. It is a good past time to just chop up demons with their melee-attack weapon, with the butterfly sword or you can just admire the well designed stages Konami presents you with or shoot up demons with the variety of weapons.
Konami gives you an ability to level up your character, so you dishout more damage, gain more XP, and/or are harder to fall apart. They also give you many puzzles and challenges so that the game doesn't get repetitive. They give you multiplayer challenges, as well, to test your skills against your friends.

Simply fun, past timer... If you want a different type of game check this one out. It is very clever.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by chefred67 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Jul 7, 2012

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i really enjoyed this it took a second for me to get used to the controls, but once you do you can start to enjoy what you are able to do. You do spend a lot of time trying to get your body back together, and that it's self can make the game dull.

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posted by collin9199 (CORAL SPRINGS, FL) May 28, 2012

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This game is not for everyone, but I liked it. It was not a perfect game, and it was nothing spectacular. There were some frustrating moments, but over all it was a decent game. What makes me give it a good score is that it is a shooter that felt unique. I love shooters, but they all feel the same, this one added a little something that made it different, and add that on top of it not being terrible it is worth playing.

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