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Very Good

This a good game

posted by WolfGirl09 (RIVERVIEW, FL) Jul 23, 2007

Member since May 2006

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This a good game.I like the idea.I like the fact that that the characters are from the noepets website.Even though my brother and I aren't very far yet,we still like it.I think that this game would have done great on the DS as well,I still like it though.Even though I say this is a good game rent before buying because you might not like something in the game.The best person to play this game is someone who likes action/roleplay games.A+

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Excellent Neopets game!

posted by BULLY123 (PRATTVILLE, AL) Jun 3, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is really excellent! I think the story can get a little irrating though. I wish there were more neopet games! You really do wonder why they don't have any don't you? :)

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A great neopian adventure.

posted by Gamepro3 (CAPE CHARLES, VA) Oct 29, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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Neopets the darkest faerie while certainly not a horrible game.Does contain a lot of flawed content. But I will talk about the good things first.The story is simple,but nice,And the two protagonists Roberta a blue Acara,and Tormund, a yellow Lupe are generally likeable. This is a free roaming adventure game,and the world is quite large with quite the selection of places to explore. Though I was a bit disappointed that the game develpers forgot to put in the Haunted Woods,instead they replaced it with Werelupe Woods. Which is good enough for me.They were also missing a few characters that I really wanted to see like jhudora,and a few others.But at least they put in Jerdana, Illusen, the werelupe king,and Sophie the swmp witch! I love those characters! The game's currency is neopoints of course,and you can use them to purchase new weapons,clothes,maps,food etc. The controls are good,but the camera can be awkward at times.The combat is broken,and just irritating.You will take hits often so be sure to stock up on Juppies(Health)Because you will need it! You can equip motes to your weapons which makes them stronger,and allows you to execute magical attacks.Your shield is useless. It won't even protect you half the time.So whats the point of having one?You can also feed petpets,and get them to follow you around.Some of them give you special abilities as long as they're following you.When the bar runs out they leave.The games music is good it fits the environments.The voice work is nice,and the sound effects are decent enough.The game is quite lengthy.Only because good portions of it are tedious backtracking.This will happen a lot. The final boss is also a major disappointment,and the game has so many bugs.Sometimes it makes the game unplayable,and I really think they could have allowed you to go back and finish some of the sidequests after beating the game,but they don't.You remain stuck in Faerieland. Despite all those problems this game is quite enjoyable. check it out.

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