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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to beat the mutant Hissy monster in the swamp

Get on one of the platforms in the swamp. He will spit poison at you frequently. Have a lot of Bagus with you. You also need to have a good mote of your shield and block frequently. When he hits you, block and he will fall down. Use Down Pound by pressing Down + Jump + Attack. After the first time you hit him, it will be more difficult the second time because he will freeze you if you do not move out of the way fast enough. The third time will be the same as the first time. He will spit poison again, but no freezing this time. Use Tor because it is easier to defeat him.

Get into the top of Illusens Glade

After the assassin breaks the lift, you may think your screwed, but you aren't. Make sure that you save Tor's farm before this, then get your Dad's rope gun and go back to the lift. Use the right analog stick to look for the "wall snare" and wait for the red star to turn green. Press R2 and you're up there. Look for two more to get higher up.

Beat the Dark Ixi Boss

Be Roberta and equip the supernova mote. After the cutscene ends, charge the wand fully, then release and he dies in one shot

Getting into Meridell

When there is a big wall in the way, get the charm from the Werelupe King.

Easy Money

When you go to Merrdel Hit the grass for extra money!

Four sword pieces location

The first three pieces are on the west bridge that you take in front of the Meridell Castle Gate. You must go in-between two houses and climb up the wooden ladder, then jump onto the wooden plank. When you are on the plank, walk to your left and get that piece. Then, walk back across. Next, climb up the ladder in front of you. Collect the piece up there, then grab the rope. Slide down until you get to the last platform and collect that piece. For the fourth piece, you must go to the recruitment center. When you walk in, go directly ahead and turn right. You will be in the jail. Talk to one of the prisoners and he will trade you 100nps for the hilt. Take all of these pieces to the blacksmith. After you have the completed sword, take it to the master in the pub and he will sign your sponsor papers.

How to beat the giant Juppie monster

He will start off underground. A few vines will come out of the ground. Destroy them, then a regular giant Juppie will drop off the vines on top of the stage. The giant Juppie monster will then appear and start to pound you with his head. Get near the giant Juppie that fell and wait for him to pound. Attack it, and he will get stuck. Go over to his neck and slash away. Repeat the process until he is defeated.

How to beat the Ixi Chief

Buy the Knights Sword, then fight the Ixi Chief. The sword should help a lot. Take a couple swings at him, but do not get too far away or he will charge up and attack you with a powerful blow that will not do much damage, but will knock you back. After you get him down to about half health, he will call out his archers. Ignore them; just go after the chief. After about two more combos he will be defeated.

How to beat the Darkest Faerie

Equip a Nova or Supernova Mote to your shield and sword. Go towards the Darkest Faerie. She will launch a dark cloud that will knock you back. She will then shoot an elemental ball at you. Block it with your shield. It will reflect and hit her. Then, do a combo attack to her (where you swing your sword two times, then swing down; do not do the combo where you jab your sword). Do this two or three times. You will automatically switch to Roberta. Some monsters will appear and the Darkest Faerie will levitate. You can kill them, but it is not necessary. Fire some magic at the Darkest Faerie. She will come back down to the ground. Then, walk over to her.

The hidden tower

To find the hidden tower, you must have a Meowclops and be in Faerieland. You will find a wand for Roberta, a perfect golden shield for Tor, etc. You will find this tower near the bedroom area.

Getting into the big jaw thing in Werelupe Woods

Go to the Swamp Witch and get her the Wild Wateroot. She will then tell you where to get the necklace.