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"Neopets": Fit for rental

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 19, 2009

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Is it Reversi or Othello? Doesn't really matter.
Neopets: Puzzle Adventure is about you playing one of those two games over and over again.
In the story mode, you pick a cute character and go off on an adventure. Along the way, you'll have to beat the bad guys by beating them in Reversi - or is it Othello? Never mind.
As the story progresses, you pick up Neopoints to improve your stats, and in turn earn more points by properly placing your tokens.
You also pick up one cuddly fox creature and several items to help you beat the bad guys.
The game puts some new twists and tricks into the game of Reversi ... Othello ... whatever. Special squares, blocked off areas, and different sized boards make each battle slightly different from the rest. This game can be real fun of you play it against a friend.
But the first thing you get - the fox like creature - makes the game a little too easy. Use that fox the right way, and you will win no matter who the AI plays. Expert players will be turned off by the ease of this game. This will also dampen the fun of the multi player aspect of the game; whoever goes first will likely win the game.
There are other problems with Neopets Puzzle Adventures; scanning through the area for the next location to go to is a jarring and annoying experience, people who don't like Reversi/Othello will find nothing to like about this game and the text only cut scenes can be a real bore.
Still, Neopets Puzzle Adventures has some good ideas and it's very cute. RENT IT.

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Stick with the Nintendo DS version, if any.

posted by Kyllinge (CROYDON, PA) Jan 15, 2009

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The Wii version just wasn't worth the effort to play, even just for the codes. There's a lot more to the game than the DS port. More petepets, which you have to capture and train. Equipment to swap in and out and more to add onto the base storyline. I played this on a LCD TV and the writing was blurred and almost unreadable.
The game works best on the DS, or even the PC, where you don't have to play around with the remote to target locations to click on.
The game in itself is a glorified Othello game where you earn 10 prize codes for the Neopets website. Best just to rent a DS copy and use any codes on it for the website, since the codes are mainly generated by the system the game is plugged into.

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