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GF Rating

Really Bad

not for everyone

posted by brandyWII (PHOENIX, AZ) Jan 16, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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This is a game not for everyone... now days there are more little kids trying to do what the big kids are doing and if you want to sell more of those games,,,,,,,,,,like me ..,,,, i have a four (4) year old daughter and she cant play this game...she can play tennis bowling golf..... but not this one....... by the way she is an easy learner at the age 4. so i know what i was wanting to expect. and did not get it from this game....

Thank you,

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GF Rating


Boring but worth renting for item codes

posted by Amii (AUSTIN, TX) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Neopets Puzzle Adventure is basically the same Othello game over and over again and once you figure out a good basic strategy it's not very challenging so things get boring quickly. There are a lot of different items to buy and use to improve your chances of winning the Othello rounds but the free petpet the game gives you is the most useful one and only one of the weapons is really worth pursuing so despite lots of choices none of them are very important. The game offers the chance to make special rare foods to help you but I never needed any because you know, Othello, pretty much the same every time so it never seemed worth the trial and error involved in figuring out the recipes. While I didn't enjoy the game I did enjoy the rare item codes. You get ten of them throughout the course of the adventure and neopets gives you bonus items for starting the game and finishing it. The only reason to play this game in my opinion is if you are a dedicated neopets player and want the item codes and since you can only get one set of codes per console this game is definitely a rent only game.

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GF Rating


Stick with the Nintendo DS version, if any.

posted by Kyllinge (CROYDON, PA) Jan 15, 2009

Member since Jun 2007

The Wii version just wasn't worth the effort to play, even just for the codes. There's a lot more to the game than the DS port. More petepets, which you have to capture and train. Equipment to swap in and out and more to add onto the base storyline. I played this on a LCD TV and the writing was blurred and almost unreadable.
The game works best on the DS, or even the PC, where you don't have to play around with the remote to target locations to click on.
The game in itself is a glorified Othello game where you earn 10 prize codes for the Neopets website. Best just to rent a DS copy and use any codes on it for the website, since the codes are mainly generated by the system the game is plugged into.

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